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It is absolutely fascinating to see such a simple concept turn into an astonishing and fabulous game such as Mod Apk. In this game, you create and play with a microscopic cell to compete with other players.

It is a popular Action game developed by Miniclip. This game falls in the Action category of games. Make and design your microscopic cell in a way it stands out from all the others in the competition. You can eat and move all the way you want in the massive map provided in-game while eating food and other smaller cells to grow yours. Check out some of the following games:

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Dawn Of Zombies Mod Apk
Size56 Mb
RequiresAndroid 4.2 and Up
Updated2 Days Ago

Download Mod Apk Latest Version

A really simple game that provides the players with an experience that they surely enjoy. Moreover by downloading this application you have a source of total enjoyment and fun in your hands 24/7. It has over 113 million downloads which shows how many people like and play this game.

This mod apk doesn’t even take much space in your device which allows and provides a smooth environment to play in. Download the mod application now to have an experience like you never had before with unlimited stuff and features offered by the mod apk. The features of this mod apk are listed below in this article. Mod Unlimited Money/Coins/Dna 

This application has many features like joining friends. It has perfect gaming machines, thrilling battles against your enemy in game. In addition, it comes with regular updates. And many more amazing features other than that it has become the choice of millions of people. 

Moreover, this latest mod apk version of this game contains many features that you will love to see  like unlimited coins, money and dna from which you can buy anything in the game shop. In the original version of this game you will have to buy these coins money and dna for real money.

DNA is the most useful currency in this game. You can buy all kinds of skins with this currency and also buy mystery potions and premium potions. However, you can get this DNA from the game store for Rs 195 for 1 DNA, but here in this mod, you can get unlimited DNA for free. You will not spend a dime by downloading the mod apk version of this game.

Gameplay Mod Apk provides you with gameplay with a concept of the bigger the better. A game of small fish big fish. Players have to make their microscopic cells (game characters) as big as they can by moving around and getting all the food for themselves. In this game, you can even corner other players and eat them to grow even bigger.

Simple and satisfying controls make it a lot easier to play without any complexities. Different modes are available in-game to play. In addition to classic mode, you can start as a small cell along with all the players that are already in the game. Make your moves carefully and slowly make your way up to victory by consuming the food or even the other smaller cells.


This application has many features like connecting with friends. It has perfect gaming machines, thrilling battles against your enemies in-game. In addition, it comes with regular updates. And apart from these many more amazing features, it has become the choice of millions of people. Some of the Mod Apk game features are given below in this article. 

Classic Mode: If you want to play a simple classic match against other players as described earlier in this article. we got ya!

Battle Royal Mode: You can have fair gameplay against other players in a ring that keeps collapsing from time to time. This feature is also available in the battle royal mode.

Co-op Challenge: features the co-op challenge where you can join games with your friends and have epic battles against other players together.

Rush Mode: For people who want to enjoy a quick and thrilling battle, this game provides you with rush mode. This mode only takes a few minutes of your time but gives you the same fun and thrill.

Unlimited DNA: DNA is the most useful currency in this game. You can purchase all types of skins from this currency and you can also buy Mystery Potions and Premium Potions. 

No Ads: In this Mod Apk of this application there will be no ads shown when you’re playing the game all types of ads are skipped in this application. All ads have been manually removed by our team so that you can have better user experience.

Mod Features

  • Unlimited Mass
  • Unlimited Everything
  • Reduced Zoom
  • God Mode.  
  • No Ads 

How To Download And Install Mod Apk

Follow the steps mentioned below to download and install this mod application:

  1. Firstly press the download button to download the apk file. The downloading will take some time depending on your internet speed.
  2. Secondly, allow download from unknown sources (if necessary) to begin the downloading process.
  3. After that, copy your apk file into the installer and wait for rendering. Repeat the process mentioned in step 2 if asked for installation.
  4. Just press the install button and you are good to GO!
  5. Run the app and enjoy the features available to their fullest.


Question 1: How to get big in

Answer: You can consume the food and other cells that you are fighting against to grow.

Question 2: Is available for ios devices?

Answer: Yes it is available for all types of ios and android devices .You can download the game totally free of cost.

Question 3: Can I eat other players?

Answer: You can consume cells of other players but you have to be careful you might get eaten too.

Wrapping Up Mod Apk Is one of the best and one of the simplest action games available on the internet. If you want an amazing gaming experience full of joy and excitement with a simple set of controls this mod apk will provide you that. Moreover, play with your friends and make new friends along the way. This game will give a lot to work with and a lot to fight against. Download the game now and enjoy all the benefits and perks it comes with.

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