Cooking Fever Mod Apk Download [Unlimited Coins/Gems]

Do you want to be a chef but couldn’t find any place for cooking and selling your items? So don’t worry because we are bringing you a new cooking game. Cooking Fever Mod Apk has already provided you a platform where you can cook and sell for the best price.

The game seems to be more like a simulation game, but it is actually an Arcade Genre game. This game is not all about cooking but more about cooking the best in a given time. To know more about this game, read the given article carefully.

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Download Cooking Fever Mod Apk Latest Version

To get the latest version or old version of this game, you must take some important steps. Each of the steps will make you closer to this game. This game is full of joy and excitement. If you are a beginner in cooking and still confused about managing everything, then play this game.

This game will be a great recommendation for people who are just getting into cooking. You could be a chief. So hold on and tighten your seatbelts because we are just getting into some most exciting games. So let’s start! Moreover, you can also try a similar game like Cooking Master Fever Mod Apk free.

Cooking Fever Mod Apk Unlimited Money and Gems

Cooking Fever Mod brings you an unlimited amount of gems and money. These gems will help you in completing your tasks. Therefore you have to complete the task in a given time. The customers may get angry if the task is not completed in time.

Therefore with unlimited money and unlimited gems, you can purchase the task. The more tasks you complete in time will step up your level. The higher the level you reach, the more money you make and hence will become more professional. Moreover, in both old and new versions, everything is unlocked. So get ready to have this fun in your life.


Nordcurrent has brought you this special game. In this game, you have to start your shop from a small market that turns into a huge hotel. In the beginning, you take orders and cook them for small prices. You have to cook the best in the meantime. With each day, you earn money that turns greater and greater with time. The more you cook, the more you earn. You can do special tasks to earn gems.

With this gold, you can have unlimited gems and money. Thus you will not find it difficult to complete each stage. When you grow into a large market, you can have big machines to do some important tasks. These machines will help you to work more efficiently. You can cook burgers, cakes, hotdogs, and everything. So why are you waiting? Grab your game now from here and cook the best that you can.


Cooking Fever Mod Apk has a lot of new exciting features. These features make this game more attractive and delightful. Thus some of the most attractive features that you must know are the following:

  • There are almost over 1400 levels in this game. So each level brings you a new strategy. Hence this means you can enjoy unlimited fun until you reach the last 1400th level of this game.
  • You can unlock new locations for your restaurant. Therefore the more you become professional in cooking, the more restaurants could be built.
  • Unlock new recipes. The one with a higher level for more recipes. Therefore you can even cook fast foods, bakery items or seafood.
  • No age restrictions for this game. Thus every one of different ages can play this game. There is no age limit to enjoy this game.
  • Although it is a 2D game, it specifically meets all the requirements you need—excellent graphics and much better sound quality

How to download and install Cooking Fever Mod Apk

You can download Cooking Fever on your smartphone devices or as well as ios devices. All you need is to follow some steps that are given at the end of this heading. Therefore each step is important, don’t skip any. The steps are:

  1. A download link is put at the end of this page. Scroll down toward it and open it up. This step will open a new tab on your device.
  2. A button for downloading will be there. Press the button, and your download will be started shortly. It may take a few seconds but be patient.
  3. After downloading the file, open up the file manager. There you have to search for a download folder.
  4. Open the download folder and search for the file of this wonderful game. Hence open the file and press the install button.
  5. When the installation is done, open the game from the menu bar and hence enjoy unlimited gems and money.


Question 1: How many users of Cooking Fever are there?

Answer: This game has over 10 Million plus downloads all over the world. The game authority is providing all the comfortability to its users. So do we.

Question 2: What android version does it require?

Answer: It requires an android version of 4.4 and up, and the ios version may be up from iPhone 5. For better and smooth running, these requirements must be met.

Question 3: How many levels are there in the Cooking Fever game?

Answer: There are approximately 1400 total levels there. Each level makes you a more professional chief than you were on the previous level.

Question 4: Are there any glitches in the Cooking Fever game?

Answer: Yes, there were glitches in the game. But with every update, those glitches were fixed. So the users haven’t done any report after that.

Final Verdict

Cooking Fever Mod Apk has all the requirements you need. If you have read the article carefully, you must know that the gameplay and features of this game are really brilliant. This is one of the best cooking games ever.

There is no need to waste your time searching for a good and learnable cooking game. This game has created millions of users from all over the world. People are busy playing this game and are a lot more interested in more games like this.

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