Criminal Case Mod Apk Download [Unlimited Stars/Energy]

Criminal Case Mega Mod Mod Apk down is the most amazing criminal case-solving game. It is one of the most popular online games in the world. Once you play Criminal Case, you will come again to play it.

It belongs to the Category of Adventure Games. This game is playable on smartphones. So just download the game and enjoy the unique experience. Check out some of the recommendation from the Action Category:

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Download Criminal Case Mod Apk Latest Version

First of all, download the latest and updated version of the game as there are many different versions. Experience the exciting new pack of unlimited new features in this latest version. There are many possibilities that you download the wrong version, which may not be compatible with your device. So make sure to choose the latest version while downloading Criminal Case Conspiracy Mod Apk. The latest version will provide you with the best graphics, new features, and improved performance.

And the most important point for the latest version is that the old version does not allow you to play with other players using the new version. So if you download the criminal case the conspiracy mod apk game with the old version, the game just won’t work while you play with your opponents using the new version.

Criminal Case Mod Apk Unlimited Stars And Energy

This mod version is free of cost. You do not need to spend money to play this game. This mod menu version of the game gives you access to many unlimited stars and energy. These unlimited stars give you access to free shopping. On the other hand, you have to spend money to buy or unlock anything in the play store.

With criminal case mega mod apk download, you will get unlimited hints. Later on, you can use them to find the solution. It also gives unlimited energy, which is required for solving criminal cases and to complete levels.


This game was published by Pretty Simple. It is a crime-solving game in which you are supposed to solve a criminal case. In the end, you have to catch the murderer. You need to use hidden objects on the spot of an incident to know about the situation. You need evidence to catch criminals, which you have to find out through investigation.

The Criminal Case provides an overview of the forensic industry and the hard work that police officers do in murder cases. The first scene takes place in the small town of Grimsborough, which is confronted by extremely dangerous criminals. Many innocent people have been murdered recently. However, the Civilian Security Force here does not have anyone capable of combining the facts to find the latest killer.

So you are supposed to lead them to the final step till the case comes to an end. You have to analyze everything and find criminals.


Finding clues to catch criminals is the hardest step because you start with nothing and move on. In the Criminal Case, you will move to the crime scene. Here you will find information and facts that will take you to the original happenings. By these clues, you will know the identity of the killer. Depending on the offense, you may find guns, knives, baseball bats, and more to find in the game. If you have a hard time, you can use hints, but they are limited.

Interrogate: The next step after finding evidence is to interrogate the links of the case to criminals. This may include eye witness or any other digital proof which tells about the incident.

Analyze: The last step is to find out the culprit of the incident. You have to take help from clues and statements of witnesses to bring criminals in front of the public.

Play Online with Buddies: You can also play this Criminal Case Mod Apk game with your friends. You can let your friends help you in solving the case. So go in the game with your friends and complete the tasks.

3D Graphics And Sound: The graphics of Criminal Case Mod Apk are unbelievably perfect. 3D graphics make the game look awesome. These visual effects make the game more engaging and interesting.

Similarly, you will also experience soundtracks in the game, which will engage you in impressive gameplay.

Upgrade Your Character: The game provides you with exciting features which you can unlock by winning. You can use these features to upgrade your character in the game.

Connect With Facebook: Connect Criminal Case with your Facebook account. Moreover, you can also challenge any friends on Facebook to play and help you solve cases. Therefore you will not lose your progress in the game even after deleting it.

Furthermore, if you connect the game with your Facebook account, it will also operate on the Facebook internet package as well.

Mod Features

  • Unlimited Energy
  • Unlimited Hints
  • Ads Free
  • Unlimited All
  • All levels Unlocked
  • Unlimited Time
  • Free Shopping

How to Download and Install Criminal Case Mod Apk

  1. First you need to load the page fully. After that, just follow these steps carefully.
  2. Now once you get the apk file, go to the File Manager app and then move to the Downloads Folder.
  3. Here you need to find the Apk File and then open it.
  4. After that, your job is to just tap on the install button to install it on your device.


Question 01: Is Criminal Case mod Apk an online game?

Answer: Yes, It is an online game. You can play this game with your friends as well as random players of the world.

Question 02: Is Criminal Case only for PCs?

Answer: No, You can play this on android mobiles as well as PCs. So just download this game on your PCs or smartphones and start building your character.

Question 03: How can you get more stars in Criminal Case?

Answer: Complete more levels and win a bundle of stars. These stars are very worthy as using these you can open many upgrades free of cost.

Wrapping Up

The game Criminal Case Mod Apk is an impressive and Criminal case game. This is a pretty attractive game. We are very sure that If you will play this game once you fall in love with it. Furthermore, you will enjoy some unique features of this game which you did not experience before.

So just download this game and start enjoying the experience of monster criminal cases. This game will give you the feelings of a commissioner while solving cases. Improve your skills and character and show your talent to the gamer community.

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