Emergency HQ Mod Apk Download [Unlimited Money/Currency]

Emergency HQ Mod Apk game is a simulation game based on the emergency services department. So in the game, players play different roles like a firefighter, doctor, police, and many other emergency services. Plus, you will also be the driver as you have to drive the vehicle and rescue the people.

The game belongs to the category of Strategy games. The game teaches players the experience of handling emergency situations. You can also imply that in real life. There are different levels of urgency. The hospitalization comes in mild, while terrorist attacks come in severe urgency.

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Download Emergency HQ Mod Apk Latest Version

Well, we all know there are lots of versions of the game available on the internet. So make sure you are downloading the latest version of the Emergency HQ. Because with the previous version, you have no choice but to delete the game in order to install the new version. Besides that, in the new version, players also get a lot of new great features. So in order to enjoy these features, you should download the latest version.

Plus, with the latest version of the game, the modders and developers try to fix the bugs and errors that were reported by players in the old version. So with the new update, they fix these problems, so you can enjoy the Emergency HQ without any problems.

Emergency HQ Mod Unlimited Money/Currency

You can download Emergency HQ black mod with unlimited Money and game Currency. With the mod apk version, you get unlimited Money, which you can use to unlock all the items that can be bought with either Money or gems. And all that is for free and without spending real-world Money. Besides that, you will have to spend Money to buy or unlock anything in the play store version. So with mod apk, use all the unlimited Money and unlock all things without worry and enjoy the full gaming experience.


The game Emergency HQ by the company Promotion Software GmbH has outstanding gameplay. The gameplay is just like the name suggests; it is based on Emergency services. So in the game, you have to respond to the different levels of urgencies. First, you have to create your own rescue team. For example, as a firefighter, you have to respond to the fire accident and rescue the people.

Besides the fire emergency, you can play as police and other emergency officials. With the Police department, you can play the severe urgency by responding to the terrorist attack. In addition to that, you have to drive the vehicle to the emergency point and reach as fast as you can.


There are many features of the game Emergency HQ. While some of these features are given below.

Fighting against Chaos: While responding to the emergency situation, you, being the head of your team, have to deploy your team and use technology services to handle the situation. Besides, you can inform other departments if needed like firefighters or police e.t.c.

Create your own Rescue Team: ┬áThe great feature of the Emergency HQ Mod Apk game is you can create your own team. So create your own team and summon them in handling the emergency situation. Use your rescue to save and protect the people of your city. Besides that, with your help, you can also investigate the site and try to save people’s lives.

Different Quests: The game story is written magnificently. There are tons of missions for you to write with great details. So there are tons of missions and quests for you to solve. Besides that, you will also meet different obstacles in the missions like running out of gas, water, and other stuff. So you have a plan for everything and try to solve the quest and save people’s lives.

Realistic Graphics: Its high-quality graphics are one of the best features that make the Emergency HQ game great. The game offers premium graphics with the 3D rendering of the vehicles and also the background with amazing buildings and roads, which makes for an awesome game experience. So It makes the player feel like they are in the real world as they can connect with the game’s background characters.

Build your own Headquarters: Another great feature of the Emergency HQ Mod Apk game is that you can create your own Headquarters after playing the game for some time. By creating your own Headquarters, you can communicate with other headquarters easily and effectively. So then you can offer your services to everyone. Join other working rescue forces in the city to solve the missions. Take part in different quests and modes to earn rewards.

Mod Features

  • Speed Hack
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlock all
  • Unlimited emeralds

How to Download and Install Emergency HQ Mod Apk Revdl

  1. Click on the Download button given in the article.
  2. Once the download finishes, open the File Manager app and then go to the Downloads Folder.
  3. Now open the pak file and just tap on the install button.


Question 1: What is the highest level in the Emergency HQ game?

Answer: After facing new missions, the team is joined by the new Swat team. So armed terrorists are threatening the airport. You can unlock the Swat team after you have upgraded your Headquarters to the new maximum of level 7.

Question 2: Is Emergency HQ Mod Apk available offline?

Answer: The whole series of the game is available offline. Although the game is available in Single mode, there is also Multiplayer. So you can play offline and online. So the answer is yes, it’s available offline.

Question 3: Is the Game Emergency HQ available on Pc?

Answer: The answer is yes, the game is also available For Pc. You can download the game easily on Windows Os. So yes, you can enjoy the game on PC.

Wrapping Up

Emergency HQ Mod Apk game is a simulation game of what it’s like to be a part of emergency services. So if you like helping people and want to work as an emergency official, then this game is perfect for you. You can be a police officer or doctor anything you want to be to rescue people and save their lives. The game offers great experiences for emergency officials. So download the game and Enjoy!

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