Football Strike Mod Apk Download [Unlimited Money/Gold/Coins]

Are you a big fan of playing football? Do you want to play like Cristiano Ronaldo or Neymar Jr? But unfortunately, you do not have a good kit and grassy ground like them. So do not worry, download the all-new football game Football Strike Mod Apk now and start playing.

Football is a very common sport in the world. This sport has the highest number of fans all over the world. Therefore you have never played a football game like this which falls into the Sports Genre. So hurry up and get your download now as soon as possible.

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Download Football Strike Mod Apk Latest Version

If you are sick of playing the older version of this android game and want a new one in your life with all-new features, you must read this because we are providing you with the latest version for this game. Hence no more updates; just download and play the game.

This latest version has some new players as well as the most advanced kit of the teams. Thus you do not have to play wearing old season kits. Also, all the errors in the game are now solved, and bugs are fixed. Thus you can enjoy it as much as you can.

Football Strike Mod Apk Unlimited Money/Cash

There are some crates as well as surprise boxes for you in the game. But as usual, you need money to buy them. These boxes have cards inside them. If you are lucky enough, you may get a new kit or new gloves, even a new player. But these crates are so expensive.

Therefore with the apk file, you may get a hundred percent chance of having unlimited money or cash. Thus you can buy everything with money. The cash will help you in making a chance for yourself to shoot again. You can avail as many chances as you can. If you love playing this game, then you can also check football strike multiplayer mod apk.


As we know that there are millions of football lovers around the world. Most of them can play very well in real life, too, but the problem was to play in front of the crowd. To fill this need, has published this exciting sports genre game. In this game, you do not have to play the whole game, but you are assigned with the last mission of scoring goals in the penalty or free-kick. You can make your aim by making the path for shooting with your finger.

Moreover, you can also change your shooting angle before deciding the path. After that, you have to drag your path in the goal box, and then you can make a goal for your team. The more goals you score, the more points you can earn. Try to shoot in the corner, so it will create more chances for you to score a goal. Thus you can also decide the force with which you have to shoot. Everything is realistic in this game. So download your game and start scoring.


Football games already have so much attractiveness in them. You can share your statistics amongst your friends and show them how good you can play. Thus some of the features that you must know before downloading this game are:

Play Against Friends: One of the most exciting features of this game is now we can play with our friends as well. Thus when you connect your game with your social media accounts, your friend’s list will appear there. You can check their scores and compete with them.

Upgrade Your Player: If you like any player, but he has no more capabilities like other players, so you do not need to change him. You can upgrade him with the money you have. Thus the upgradation may be in any form like shooting, running, or power.

Unlimited Cash: In this game, if you miss any chance of scoring a goal and do not want to regret it, you can use cash. This cash will help you in reviving, and you can make the same shot again. Thus with the apk file for this game, you may get unlimited cash for free.

Career Mode: There are so many different modes in the game. Either you play a quick match or a career mode, you must need some good football knowledge. The career mode is time talking, but it is very interesting to play. Therefore these career modes have proper leagues.

Choose Your Favourite team: There are some default teams in the game, but you can choose the one you are a huge fan of. Hence find matches between your favorite opponents and play an exciting match. Take screenshots and share them with your friends.

How to download and install Football Strike Mod Apk Revdl

Follow these few steps to download Football Strike Mod Apk:

  1. Open the link in the new tab.
  2. Press the download button.
  3. Open the file in the apk file installer. Start scanning the file.
  4. Then press the installation button.
  5. Restart your device after installation and then run the game. Enjoy!


Question 1: Is Football Strike Mod Apk an offline Football Strike?

Answer: No, actually, this game requires your internet connectivity. To check your friend’s scores or highest scores in the world, you must need good connectivity. Otherwise, you can play its entertainment mode offline, where you can take some practice on the net.

Question 2: Can we play this football game on computers?

Answer: Not really; this game is only made for smartphones and iOS. There is no special version that is made for computers. Yeah, but you can play through the emulator operating application, which is very interesting.

Wrapping Up

Football Strike Mod Apk download is one of the most famous football games available on the market. This game can make your football skills better. Further, it is a sports game which is highly recommended if you really do not play outside.

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