FXGuru Mod APK Download [Unlock All Effects/No Ads]

If you are interested in the perfect visual effect in Hollywood movies, you must try FXGuru Mod APK. This impressive mobile application will allow you to get through excellent visual experiences and bring exciting changes to your shot.

It belongs to the category of Video Player and Editor. Install this app and enjoy your creative pieces of work. In addition, you can impress your friends by adding fun changes to Hollywood horror or action movies. This is a trendy application exceeding 10,000,000 downloads. It is available for android as well as iOS. Do you love Editing videos? If yes, then try the following too:

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Download FxGuru Mod APK latest Version

First of all, download the latest version of this app. Many other old versions are available on the internet, but surely you will not find the latest features there. Undoubtedly the old Version has some bugs which have been recovered in the Latest Version.

In the latest version of this app, you will get fantastic performance since seven new effects have been added. Best Friends feature free. So make sure you are going for the Latest Version.

FXGuru Mod APK (Unlocked all)

Everything in this app is unlocked for you for free. Certainly, there are no ads in this app. You can now engage yourself with full unlock features of the FxGuru, and most importantly, they are free of cost. All you need to do is download the app and follow the instructions.

Indeed you can download it from the play store for free.

All visual effects are already unlocked for you. So go and experience those effects. You will surely love this app.


The company Picadelic makes this app. Most modern movies use visual effects to enhance their impression and to inspire the audience using different techniques and tools. But that art is simply impossible to use by an untrained person. Therefore users need to understand all the techniques of the app, which is quite tricky.

Some people find it very difficult to create their own effects of their choice. For this reason, the FXGuru app is a big breakthrough for common video makers. Simply add the visual effect of your choice and experience enormous graphics settings. There are other bundles of visual effects which you can add to your videos whenever you want.

Furthermore, professional movie making is very easy by following simple steps. Just select the visual of your choice and start shooting the video using the tools available in the FxGuru Mod Apk app. Also, feel free to have high-quality video recording experiences.

Most modern movies and other types of visual entertainment use additional visual elements to enhance the viewer’s overall impression and talent. With powerful tools to support their creativity, filmmakers can now create interesting scenes in their movies.


Accessible to androids: This is a mobile app undoubtedly easily available to all android users. It is easy for the users to make their images or videos with the visual effects they want. Advance features in the mobile app allow you to record your own Hollywood songs.

Experience the highest Video recording Quality: Introduce powerful effects and soundtracks to your videos. This makes the entire clip realistic. You can access the best quality settings for your videos.

Include Different Emotions in your Movies: You can also engage with visual sensations in addition to visual effects. This FxGuru Mod Apk app in fun filters offers effects to show emotions of the background, which will improve your videos’ quality.

Variety of FXs: The app provides a variety of Fx’s to its users. Some of them are given below.

Horror and Terror: You can use horror effects in creative videos to make your work full of terror. Introduce zombies, undead, ghosts, and many other horror symbols to your movies

Sci-Fi and fantasy: If you love the sci-fi or fantasy world, android users in Fxguru can easily find themselves enjoying movies featuring powerful robots, aliens, and dragons.

Weapons: Fx Guru has got a lot of weapons. Users can collect guns, missiles, and flamethrowers to add in videos to make it full of fun.

Disasters: You can add terrific disasters from the Fx Guru app, but to add in your movies. Disaster includes floods, meteors, tornados, and other intimidating effects to your videos.

Vehicles: Also, feel free to engage with different vehicles and make your videos’ level high. Enjoy adding interesting animals to your videos and creating several visual expressions. You can introduce seasonal themes to your videos, and finally, you can enjoy visual effects on Fxguru using many of the holiday effects.

Mod Features

  • Unlock All Effects
  • Pro Unlocked
  • Free to Download
  • Ads Free Experience

How to Download and Install FxGuru Mod Apk

  1. Click on the Download Button given in the article which will open a new Download page for you.
  2. See you again get the Direct Download Link.
  3. Just click on and your app starts downloading on your phone.
  4. Once it is downloaded, open the Apk File and install it on your phone by allowing all the permission.


Question 1: How do I use the Fx Guru app?

Answer: The user interface of the FxGuru app is pretty simple. All you have to do is open the app, record your videos and the export. You can apply different vfx and effects you want to add in your videos.

Question 2: Which app has the best VFX in editing app for Android?

Answer: Clearly, the FxGuru editing app has the best VFX. The vfx quality of the fx guru is better than all other apps. So download the Fx Guru app.

Question 3: What Version of android can access the Fx Guru app?

Answer: You should have at least a 2.3 android firmware version to access the Fx Guru app. Below this Version, your mobile will simply not open this process.

Wrapping Up

With amazing visual effects and video recordings, this app attracts the real video creator and lovers of editing.  So if you are a true video editor, you should not miss this opportunity to go through such an amazing app full of terrific features. You should definitely experience these features and visual effects to learn skills and impress your friends and your opponents.

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