Homescapes Mod Apk Download [Unlimited Stars/Coins/Lives]

On your computer and mobile phone, you can see many of the games. From all these games, you can see some of the games are made for fun and entertainment only. But some games provide you both entertainment as well as knowledge. Yes, I am talking about such a game that provides you a lot of knowledge also. Moreover, Homescapes mod apk provides you knowledge about how to work as a housekeeper.

The game is interesting and provides a lot of enjoyment. You have to decorate a house in this game.  There are lots of things to do in this game. This game relates to the Casual category. Moreover, you will enjoy the game and have a lot of fun in it.  In short, you should try this game.

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Download Homescapes Mod Apk Latest version

Our website provides a new version of this game. You can freely download the latest version of this game on your smartphones, IOS, and PC. Moreover, the latest version of this game provides you with a lot of entertainment that a previous version can’t provide.

Furthermore, the latest version is full of entertainment and has lots of fun. Amazing things are to be added as the previous version didn’t have. Moreover, you can download it with just one click.

Homescapes Mod Apk Unlimited Coins/Stars

The game is full of unlimited coins and stars. By playing the game you will be able to unlock the next level. Moreover, the previous level provides you a lot of coins and stars. This you can get after playing the game only for one time. Do you think games are all about decorating a room? If you are thinking such a thing then you are totally wrong. Because this game is not only to decorate a room.

Moreover, you can also make changes during the game. In addition, you can make changes to match the three challenges. By matching each challenge, you will get points. Moreover, at the end when the level completes, you will get coins and stars.


The game is developed by Playrix Games for the sake of enjoyment and knowledge. The game will build your skills to decorate a room. You feel as you decorate it like a real room.

As I discussed before, the game is very interesting and full of knowledge. Mainly, there are two things to do. One is to decorate your room by changing things. And the other is to match the challenges and get the coins. During room decoration, you will feel free to change interior things. When you change the setting of the room and put it in its real place. Your game level is completed and you after that have to unlock the next level. Moreover, the next level is difficult as compared to the previous one.

On the other hand, when you play the second part of the game that is to match challenges. You have to match three challenges within one move. When you match each point within a given move you will be awarded money and stars. Moreover, your next level will also be unlocked. This is the whole process that tells you how to play the game? In short, the game has two parts and both parts are full of knowledge and enjoyment.


Renew the room: You have the ability to change the interior of the room and make it new and beautiful. You can decorate the room as you want. Moreover, you can also add new things to your room.

Coins and stars: You can get a lot of stars and earn many of the coins by playing the game. On each step, you can get points.  And by collecting all these points you will be able to unlock the next level. You also get rewards when you complete the levels of the game. Moreover, rewards are full of coins.

Interesting characters: By playing the game, you will find interesting characters in the game. You definitely feel something new in this game. Each and every character in this game explains to you an amazing and interesting story. Moreover, you will find a game that you want to play forever.

Visual Graphics: The game is designed in such a way that you will feel like the character of this story. The game is designed in a 3D model. You will definitely enjoy the game when you play it.

Sound and Music: The sound and music of the game are created in such a way that you will get relaxed. You will get excited by listening while playing the game. All of these features are present in only one game named homescapes mod apk.

How To Download And Install Homescapes Mod Apk

To download Homescapes mod apk revdl a few steps are to be taken to download the game;

  1. Click on the download button as mentioned.
  2. Wait for the file to download.
  3. After download click on the file.
  4. Then press the install button.
  5. Your installation will take a few moments.
  6. After the installation, you have to open the file and start playing.


Question 01: How can I get stars and coins by playing the game?

Answer: By playing the game, you have to match three challenges in one move. When you complete the matches within the given moves. You will get coins and stars.

Question 02: Are there any levels of this game?

Answer: Yes, there are 7170+ levels of this game. Each level has a higher difficulty level than the previous one.

Question 03: Can I change the interior things of the room?

Answer: Yes, the most interesting thing that the game provides you is to change the interior of the room.  You can decorate the room as you want.

Wrapping Up

This is one of the most amazing and interesting games that you can play. Homescapes mod apk provides a lot of interesting things. In short, the game has many features to attract its users. I suggest you download the game. You will get a lot of experience while playing the game. So download it if you want to enjoy the game that is full of fun and enjoyment.

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