Hooked Inc Mod Apk Download [Unlimited Money/Gems]

Fishing is something that every kid in the town has a chance to bond with their fathers. Many do, and many don’t; many don’t like fishing in real life for various reasons. Hooked Inc Mod Apk is a game introduced to help people who always wanted to fish but for some reason just couldn’t. It is a simple game with various fishes and the real-time experience of fishing as well. 

Furthermore, the game is well-made and considered good because it brings a feeling of relaxation and happiness to the player. The player feels like a fisherman himself. Even when I go fishing with my friends and when I cannot, I play this game for the sole fact that it feels equally real. This game is a Simulation game and playing this game is a perfect solution for those who love fishing. 

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Download Hooked Inc Mod Apk Latest Version

The latest version, 2.21.4 of this game, provides more happy times and extra features. The only thing that you won’t get from this game is that everyone does not have patience. Patience is key in this game. Without patience, you won’t win for sure. Download this version from our site, and enjoy the game.

Moreover, the new version has also removed all of the impurities it proposed. The problem with the compatibility mode it proposed has been successfully removed. There are no security issues with it as well. We have played and tested the game for ourselves, and we guarantee that the game poses no threat and runs with no problems. Moreover, you should download this Mod version of the game and enjoy the game features.

Hooked Inc Mod Apk Unlimited Money/Gems

The Mod version offered by us includes unlimited features to help you throughout the game. The most popular features are unlimited money and gems. Without the mess and with the pretty fun graphics, the game is all about patience. Just like in real fishing, you require patience from the start to the end until you catch your prey. The same is with this game, which offers you the experience of fishing with patience.

Moreover, there are many features that are offered with the game; you get unlimited money and unlimited gems. The beauty of the game is the peace that it offers, the different fishes, and the free shopping option this Mod offers. You can change your fishing rod and use new skins for your rods. There are multiple options for using your hooks as well. 


Are you ready to become the world’s best fisherman? The best fishing legend to exist in the world. Master the sea waves, swing your fishing rod and catch the biggest fish in the sea. Hooked Inc Mod Apk is a simple game with one-click gameplay developed by Lion Studios. You just have to be a good swiper because all you need to do is swipe and direct your fishing rod towards the fishes and catch them.

Moreover, your player has all the necessary equipment for fishing. You are provided with just one small boat, rope, fishing rod, and bait at the start. You can upgrade all of these things and in an instance be vary of catching the big fishes. The bigger the fish you catch, the more money and experience you gain. There are also some rare and epic fishes as well. You can catch them and become a well-known, rich fisherman. 


The fishing experience gives you joy and tons of features; you can enjoy these features for free. Some of the features that Hooked Inc Mod Apk provides are as follows:

Unlock Epic Content: Travel through the sea, catch and gather the best, biggest fish in the sea. Get to the top, and you might unlock epic content and the big yacht. With the epic content, you can unlock new and bigger oceans.

Catch’em all: Furthermore, catch all the fish, and by all, we don’t mean the normal ones. We want you to catch all the rare and legendary fish to become the legendary master of the fish.

Crew: When you upgrade your boat, there will come a time when you can hire your own crew. When you get a big boat, you become the captain, and the captain’s boat needs a crew to help him take care of the boat. Bigger the ship, the bigger the crew. Each crew member comes with unique skills to aid you with your fishing adventure.

Daily Tournaments: Moreover, test your skills against other fishermen. Beat them and rise up the charts to become the best fisherman of all time.

Mod Feature

  • Everything unlocked
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Money
  • Free shopping

How to download and install Hooked Inc Mod Apk 

  1. Click on the Download Button to get the Direct Download Page. Once you are on that page, again click on the Button.
  2. The game starts downloading on your phone. You can see from the notification.
  3. Once it’s done, open the Apk File from File Manager.
  4. Now tap on the install button.


Question 1:Why is this game suitable for teens?

Answer: Crude and profanity-filled language mostly make up this game to be rated, teen.

Question 2:What is the highest tier boat in this game?

Answer: The Colossal boat is the largest boat known right now. Its tier boat is 18, and it is the highest boat tier.

Question 3:How to earn more money in this game?

Answer: The money in this game works two ways. One way is to catch a lot of fishes, and the other way is to download the Mod version and get unlimited money.

Wrapping Up

Whether an idler or a clicker, Hooked Inc Mod Apk is a game that is made for you. This is the best fishing game you will find. Never miss any moment with this easy-to-learn and play game. Explore the vast sea, ride on new and bigger boats, become the sea king, and catch big prey. 

Furthermore, download the free game with all the Mod features installed for this game. Enjoy the game with no worries and dominate the sea world. Win tournaments and become the #1 fisherman in the world. Download the game by following the steps mentioned above. Support us by downloading our uploaded Mod version. Enjoy the game; thank you. 

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