King Of Avalon Mod Apk Download [Unlimited Gold/Money]

I am pretty sure that most people around the world are familiar with the tales of the infamous King Arthur. King of Avalon Mod Apk is set in a fantasy medieval England bringing back the legend of the knights of the round table and the overpowered Excalibur.

The genre of this game is Strategy. Here you have to strategize and plan the attacks. Train your dragons in search of the Excalibur while all of your opponents strive and kill for the sake of the power and magic it contains. The body of the king lies in the sacred isle of Avalon along with his amazing sword. So start the journey and search for the sword and have all the power it offers for yourself by downloading and playing this mod apk.

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Download King Of Avalon Mod Apk Latest Version

The infamous King Arthur Fell victim to the betrayal of his nephew Modred. Now he rests in the sacred isle of Avalon as mentioned above. This game provides the player with a sense and fantasy of the old England and the epic battles it comes along with. Make strategy your ally and build the greatest army of all time in this multiplayer RTS! Be one of the heroes of King of Avalon and become a myth of the dragon-fire war!

Download this amazing mod apk and become superior to all. When you have the features and the benefits this mod offers you there is no stopping you from becoming the one true king and the bearer of the Infamous Excalibur. Find the remains of the king and have the Excalibur for yourself.

King Of Avalon Mod Apk Unlimited Gold/Money

If you want to enjoy the game to its fullest without any restrictions or lack of money and gems this mod apk is the solution. In this mod apk you will get everything you need to maintain high status and become a King no one dares to attack. By downloading the mod apk you can have unlimited gold and money and this is one of the perks or features provided by this mod apk.

Having unlimited supplies and unlimited money you can easily make your enemies fear you and make your journey more and more astonishing. Moreover when you have unlimited money the chances of you finding the Excalibur are much higher than others because you can have all the resources required to begin the search for it. Download the mod apk now and have all the fun and excitement that you need in an action/strategy game.


The game will put you in a situation where you can imagine yourself being the king. That’s the thing which is attracting most of the people toward it. In King Of Avalon Mod Apk the kingdom needs to be handled by the player so you have to maintain and protect your kingdom. You have to handle your kingdom and make efforts and strategies to expand your kingdom as much as you can.

The fun doesn’t end just yet dragons are also available for the king after every level. Moreover, you can use these dragons in any way possible for the sake of your kingdom and have amazing fights, and spread the fear of your name in the hearts of your rivals by using the dragons you get in this King of Avalon Dragon Warfare Mod Apk amazing game.


Adventure: As mentioned above in the article the search for Excalibur comes with numerous adventures and you have to live the fantasy and the life of the knights and the kings of ancient England and that experience is more of an adventure for the player than it seems.

Dragons: As each level passes the king that is your main character gets dragons for the enormous army. In addition, these dragons can be used in any way you desire. By using these dragons and the abilities they have it’s certain that the Excalibur is yours in no time.

War: War! Everywhere. You and your allies need to be prepared all the time. The thrill of getting attacked or attacking someone is always present when you are playing this King Of Avalon Mod Apk game. Whatever you’re fighting, you’ll need partners you can trust, whether it’s a barbarian leader in GvE or a PvP bully.

Strategy: This game requires an excellent sense of strategy and planning. You can even send a spy to your enemies with your troops before waging war against the enemy castle! All the attacks and your every move should be well planned if you want to overcome all the difficulties and have all the kingdoms for yourself and become the one true King.

Mod Features

  • Unlimited Shield 
  • Unlimited Money
  • No Ads
  • Unlimited Everything
  • Free to Download
  • Unlimited Gold

How to Install King Of Avalon Mod Apk Latest Version

Follow the steps mentioned below to download and install this mod application:

  1. Firstly press the download button to download the apk file. The downloading will take some time depending on your internet speed.
  2. Secondly, Do not open the installed file. Download the apk installer to install the downloaded apk file.
  3. Then after that copy your apk file into the installer and wait for rendering.
  4.   Then press the install button to start the installation process.
  5.   Run the app and enjoy the features available to their fullest


Question 1: How do I get better in King Of Avalon?

Answer: This game involves the use of strategies. Plan your attacks wisely and download this mod apk to have unlimited gold. Moreover, this feature alone will make you superior to all others who don’t have this mod apk.

Question 2: Who owns this game?

Answer: Fun Plays is the developer of this game. They have provided people with an amazing game and a game full of thrill, excitement, and adventure.

Question 3: How to get more gold in the game?

Answer: Download this mod apk and don’t worry about gold or money. This mod will provide you with unlimited money and gold. The features of this mod apk are mentioned above in the article.

Wrapping Up

King Of Avalon Mod Apk is an action and strategy game. This game brings back all the memories of old England and the legends of the round table. Moreover, the legend of the infamous King Arthur and the magical weapon Excalibur is the main idea and the one thing that all the hustle is about. All the features and everything you need to know about the game and the mod apk is described above in the article. Download the game now and become one with Millions of other players. Enjoy the game and have fun. 

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