Major Mayhem Mod Apk Download [Unlimited Money/Gems]

Major Mayhem Mod Apk is an action figure that loves shooting people in the face. This game provides an exceptional 3D environment where you are set on a mission to rescue your girlfriend. You will have multiple levels, and the complexity increases as your level increases. Different evil villains on each level develop an amazing sense of competition.

Action games are so much in the limelight these days. The major population is shifted to mobile gaming as almost everyone has access to it. Developers are aiming to provide the best gaming experience to you with your mobile phone.

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Download Major Mayhem Mod Apk Latest Version

The latest version of this action pack game is version 108 that is available free for you. Download this now to enjoy the thrilling adventures of this game. This is available for your PCs, IOs, and Android systems. You can download this amazing version free of cost with all the latest features.

If you are facing problems downloading the files makes you meet the system demands and needs. Any other issue you are facing should be resolved if you use our website as other websites would charge you extra to meet your needs.

Major Mayhem Mod Apk Unlimited Money/Gems

You will be blown by the cool new features of this game. The latest version includes unlockable weapons, which means the best weapons to kill all the evil forces in the way of our mission. With awesome power-up options, you can have unlimited money and gems to buy your fav gadgets in the game.

Furthermore, the new version includes three new game modes! Exciting, isn’t it? This doesn’t stop here; you can have as many as two-fifty achievements and many mini-goals that boost up your performance. Everyone loves a customized character; the new version allows you to customize your customized character with forty different costumes and hats options.


This mind-blowing game is produced by Rocket Jump Technology in collaboration with Adult Swim. This game encapsulates all the features of a game anyone could think of. The brilliant graphics engage the user to play this game with fun. The multilevel game is exciting and keeps the user enrolled.

Major Mayhem Mod Apk gets an edge in shooting games as it has a different approach. So if you are a beginner, at first, the character moves on his own, and he hides behind covers on his own. Once he is hidden, the ninja pops out, and you tap to shoot them. The blue ball thrown at you doesn’t customize the character to hurt you. Actually, they just increase the game’s appearance. Beware of the red ones that can hurt you, and you can lose a life.

Furthermore, be Careful when you shoot because other characters other than ninja also pop out, and you don’t have to shoot them. As the level increases, the game becomes more complex, and there are more enemies with tons of bullets being fired at you. Watch for the enemies. Moreover, you can also download the major mayhem mod apk v108 version easily from our website.


Moreover, this action pack game provides you with a series of mind-blowing features. From graphics, sound effects, and easy attack schemes, Major Mayhem Mod Apk is a complete package. Some of them are described below:

Weapons: The latest version gives you a wide range of weapons. You can earn points to unlock these amazing weapons and shoot the enemies in the head. The best part about this is it’s all free.

Costume: You can customize your character’s costumes depending upon the mode you are in. This game has a wide variety of cool outfits and more than forty different hats. Whether you’re fighting a ninja or saving your girlfriend from the kidnappers, wear a cool trendy outfit to go with.

Sound effects: Furthermore, the amazing sound quality and effects help you get lost in the game as if you are the protagonist of this game and fighting in real life. This experience is very precious.

Graphics:  The protagonist uses 3D graphics that attract users and provide an interactive interface. This makes your gaming experience to the next level, where you enjoy gaming like never before.

Easy-to-play: Moreover, this game is very easy to play. Once you know the basic demo, you just practice along a little, and you become the master of the game.

MOD Features

  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited bullets
  • All Weapons Unlocked
  • Unlimited Coins
  • No Ads
  • Free Download

How to download and install Major Mayhem Mod Apk

  1. Once you get on our website, click on the Download Button to get the Direct Download Page.
  2. Now you are on the Direct Download Page. Now just tap on the Download Page.
  3. Within a few minutes, you get the mod apk file of this game.
  4. Open it on your phone from the File Manager app and then tap on the install button.


Question 1. How many game modes are available?

Answer: There are a total of three game modes you can choose from Tropics, Metropolis, and Desert. Moreover, you can switch among these exciting levels to enjoy every mode and earn unlimited money.

Question 2. How many levels does this game have?

Answer: Besides, the game provides you with forty-five levels of non-stop action. These individual levels get difficult as the level increases.

Question 3. Are the villains the same throughout?

Answer: No, for your interest, the game has different enemies at each level. Your practice and game plan make you win against each enemy and earn points and money.

Wrapping Up

Combat/ shooting games such as Major Mayhem Mod Apk have been popular ever since. Developers are trying their best each year to provide us with a brilliant gaming experience. Now we have platforms where we can polish our gaming skills. Participate in E-gaming and win money.

Moreover, win unlimited money and unlock new levels free from our website now! Many websites are competing to provide you with MODs, but they want requirements that every phone or PC is not capable of. Download MOD from here in a few easy steps and become a champion.

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