Merge Plane Mod Apk Download [Unlimited Money/Gems/Vip]

I have always wanted to be a pilot, to fly anywhere, anytime, just like a bird. It felt free to be able to fly. Reach the places that were not available for me. I know this was my dream and the dream of many children. Many of us did accomplish turning this dream into reality by becoming a pilot. For others, not to worry, we have come up with the best plane game for you. Merge Plane Mod Apk is the game that will give you the experience to fly around anywhere. 

The game is a Simulation category game. This game is one of my favorite games because of the fun and unique gameplay. There is not much to do instead of sitting idle and flying the plane, and surprisingly that is what attracts people, and people demand this from this game.

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Download Merge Plane Mod Apk Latest Version

Download the latest version i,e 1.19.2, which brings with it new features. The game is one of the most exciting games to exist. Start from scratch and build your own plane empire. Earn unlimited money because there is no limit to the amount of money in this game. Race with other planes, defeat them and earn money. Become the best pilot and make your own plane business.

The problems you dealt with regarding the compatibility issues can be solved with this version of the game as well. The issues with the security have also been resolved. Download the latest version from our website, and you can be sure to have no worries because we guarantee that there will be no problems with the new features. The game has been tested; all you have to do is download and play it. 

Merge Plane Mod Apk Unlimited Money/Gems/VIP

The game offers unlimited money, gems, and VIP modes as its features. Besides many more features of the Mod version, these are one of the best features of this version. The game requires you to start developing your airline once you start winning. With this task, you need a lot of money or gems to do this. You need to unlock planes for your airline as well. You will also feel the need to upgrade your airplanes too. For all this, you will need a lot of money and gems.

If you do not want to buy or spend that money anyway, you can download the VIP version. The VIP Mod version unlocks all of your airplanes; that way, you do not need to struggle to unlock them. Then you can just choose one of those planes, preferably the one you love the most, and take it to battle. Defeat your enemies, become victorious, and earn a lot of money.


Merge Plane Mod Apk is an addictive and simple game developed by Merger Games. The game starts with you being a pilot, and you are given a cute little plane to fly. You need to buy a new plane and then merge them to get a new and better plane. 

The game is fun and unique. You can choose your strategy and attack your enemies with much ease. Take your planes around the world and earn money. You can even schedule airplane departures and go offline. The airplanes will depart and complete the route themself. There are also many features added to allow you to upgrade your planes. 


There are not many features to such an idle game, but still, there are many to cover. Some of the features of Merge Plane Mod Apk are as follows:

Planes: The game offers many aircraft to choose from. Most of the planes are chosen from the variety of World War 2. You can choose classic aircraft from the lot as well. If you are a fan of classic games, then you have to play this game. The game also allows you to merge your planes; this way, you can also get better planes to play with.

Quests: There is a little man on the left corner of your screen, which opens up the menu for quests. You can compete in these quests to earn rewards as well.

Upgrades: You can upgrade your planes in this game to get newer and better planes. Defeat your enemies with ease by merging your planes and upgrading them. Make the most powerful plane, and defeat your enemies. 

Boosts: The game also offers you to use multiple boosters as well. You can multiply your planes, increase your plane’s speed, and earn your money. 

Online: The game also offers you to compete online. You can compete with your friends and fight with many random players. Defeat online players and earn money, increase your rankings and become the best online pilot as well. 

Mod Feature

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gems
  • iOS and Android
  • Ad Free
  • VIP unlocked
  • All planes unlocked

How to download and install Merge Plane Mod Apk 

  1. Click on the button to get the Direct Download Page. Here you again need to click on the button to get the Apk File.
  2. Now when you get the Apk File, open it on your phone. Make sure to allow all the permission required by the app.
  3. Now just tap on the install button to install it on your smartphone.


Question 1:How many planes are in this game?

Answer: This game includes over 50 different kinds of planes to play with. 

Question 2:How do you get money in this game?

Answer: To get money in this game, there are two ways. The first way is to get as many planes as you can and do as many routes as you can. As many routes you will have, you will get that much money. The second way to get money is to download this Mod version of this game. 

Wrapping Up

Idle games are the new uprising games to play. Those who are interested in such games will have a great time playing Merge Plane Mod Apk. Save time by downloading this Mod version because, of course, everyone would want endless money and other features. This way you can upgrade your planes and buy items from the shops as well. Download the latest Mod version from our website and enjoy the game endlessly. Support us by downloading the game and enjoying the game. 

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