Mobizen Mod Apk Download [Premium/No Watermark]

Mobizen Mod Apk is a screen recording app. Have you ever seen a video on the internet of mobile screen recording and wondered how it’s made? These screen recordings are made with apps like Mobizen. Mobizen comes top in that area with its simple Controls.

Mobizen App belongs to the category of Productivity apps. The app allows users to record the screen easily. After that, you can easily share the video. Not only that, it’s loved by millions of users because it can record Videos in Full Hd with just a simple touch. With many other features, it makes the app most rated in the category of screen recording. Are you looking for some of the best Productivity apps, then try the following:

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Download Mobizen Mod Apk Latest Version

There are many different and old versions of the app available on the internet. But you need to make certain that you are downloading the latest version. Because with the latest version, users get different new features and exciting effects that are only available in the latest version. Besides that, developers also fix the issues found in the old version and roll the seamless working app to the latest version. You can download the latest version of the app by clicking on the latest version button.

Mobizen Screen Recorder allows users to record videos and record the phone screen without rooting the device. Because of this feature, users can easily record the screen and also the gameplay of the game. And then afterward, they can easily share on social media sites. Recording of the screen also doesn’t require an internet connection. You can simply record whatever you want. It’s the best screen recorder.

Mobizen Mod Apk Premium/No Watermark

With the Mod Apk version of the app, users get premium features for free. All the effects and features are locked with the play store version of the app. In which you have to buy a subscription to use these effects and features.

But with the Mod version, users get premium features for free. And all the effects and features are unlocked with the Mod version. Besides that, it’s a free download. Also, there will be no Ads.

Along with that, there will be no watermark in the recorded videos. Another great benefit of the mod apk is that the videos are recorded clearly and without any watermarks. For professional video content, watermarks are a real headache and hindrance in the way of creativity. So download mod apk, and enjoy the app without Watermark.


Mobizen screen recorder is an astonishing recording app by MOBIZEN. For anyone who wants a useful screen recorder to successfully capture certain gameplay or whatever is being displayed on the screen of your mobile device, Mobizen Screen Recorder makes sure of all of that. So with its interesting features, users can easily record anything they want with no difficulties.

While recording the screen, users can also record video through their front camera and add it with the video. Therefore, it makes the content look professional and useful. You can talk over the video while it’s recording the screen of your device. Then with the built-in editor of Mobizen, users can easily edit their videos. You can easily make certain customizations in the videos using many interesting effects available in the editor. After that, you can quickly export your edited project whenever you want.


Mobizen Mod Apk offers loads of great features to its users. Some of the highlights of the app are as follows.

Floating Control Icons: Users can enjoy the app without opening it with its Floating Control Icons. Now users can record videos spontaneously with floating icons. Because it allows users to start the recording and stop recording without opening the app. They can also pause the recording and take screenshots with this feature.

High-Quality Recordings: Another great feature of the Mobizen Mod Apk is that it allows users to record the video in High quality. They can manage the quality of the recording easily. Consequently, whether they want to record video in 60 fps in Full Hd or low quality.

Facecam: With the Mobizen screen recorder, users get another benefit in making professional videos. That is, they can also record reactions over recording video with a front camera. For example, with the gameplay of pubg mobile recording, they can also record their facial reaction to make the content interesting.

External Memory:  If you have low storage on your device and you worry that you won’t save any more recordings. Then worry no more because, with this feature, users can save the recordings in external storage. By using an SD card, they can record as many videos as they want.

Music and Intros: With the built-in editor in the Mobizen screen recorder, users can fancy their videos with the intros available in the app. They can add their name or their channel name in the intro. That will make the content look professional. Also, you can use the free music available in the editor. Users can add non-copyrighted music to their videos. And share the video on YouTube with any worries.

How to Download and Install Mobizen Mod Apk

For downloading and installing the app, all you need to do is follow the given steps below in an orderly manner.

  1. Press the download button to start downloading the apk file.
  2. Do not open the file as you download it. Install the apk file installer on your device.
  3. Copy your apk file in that installer and wait for rendering.
  4. Then press the install button to begin the installation.
  5. Run the app. And Enjoy the Recording screen.


Question 1: Is the Mobizen screen recorder available on Pc?

Answer: Yes, the app is available on pc. Although, the app is available for Windows 7 and later OS.

Question 2: Does Mobizen Record Internal Audio?

Answer: Yes, the Mobizen screen recorder can record both the audios. That is internal and external audio. So yes, you can record internal audio.

Question 3: How to add music to Mobizen?

Answer:  You can add the video by selecting the recorded video, then click on the edit option. After that, you add music by clicking the add music option.

Wrapping up

Mobizen Mod Apk pro is the perfect screen recording app. If you are looking for an app that records in high quality with camera recording for reactions. So this app is all you need.

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