Prison Escape Mod Apk Download [Unlimited Money/Diamonds]

This game puts you in a place of real struggle and confinement. A really unpleasant prison, and your goal is to break out of this place. Prison Escape Mod Apk puts you in a situation of life and death. You have to show your strength and fight for your life and make sure your main character survives and accomplishes the main goal that is to break out of that Prison.

Furthermore, this game is an Action/Adventure game and provides the thrill and excitement that a player needs. A game that requires skills and strategy is a game worth playing, and this is one of the best action games available on the internet today. A game that is worth your time. We are certain that this game provides you with an experience you never had before

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Download Prison Escape Mod Apk Latest Version

In this mod apk, you get all the features you need to easily escape that dark place, a place of unlimited terror. Eliminate all the threats that come in your way. Moreover, raid other prison cells and even eliminate all the guards. By downloading this mod application, there is nothing that can stand in your way, and there is no stopping you from becoming the one boss. 

Prison Escape Mod Unlimited Money And Diamonds 

You can easily accomplish your main goal along with all the other fun and exciting things and challenges that this game offers you. Download the mod apk and enjoy the game without any restrictions, and have a source of total enjoyment and thrill in your device 24/7. This mod apk doesn’t take up much space in your device. This favours and provides smooth and fun gameplay. 

Along with that, play this Prison Escape Mod Apk game now and put your brain and intelligence to the ultimate test. Download the mod application now to have an experience like you never had before with unlimited stuff and features offered by the mod apk. The features of this mod apk are listed below in this article.


Prison Escape is one of the best action-adventure games developed by World Mobile to meet users’ likings and tastes. This game features and gives you the role of a prisoner who has been forced into prison by a conspiracy. His main goal is to escape the prison and seek the help of other prisoners if needed. Moreover, you can freely move into the prison and explore all the areas available in the game and even fight with other mobs and gangs. Make them respect you and show them who the boss is. Ragdoll effects appear in the survival mode with some astonishing and amazing challenging action sequences.

Furthermore, without wasting any time, download the Prison Escape Mod Apk game now. This game will provide you with a third-person perspective and simple and amazing gameplay. Think of all the amazing and thrilling ways to escape the prison. Download the game now and enjoy all the features and the thrilling gameplay offered by the game.

You will continually interact with the characters and the environment around you throughout the game, such as killing bullies in prison to acquire respect and support from other inmates, or secretly digging a tunnel to escape from prison using rough tools.The seamless transition between tasks astounds me. It doesn’t make me feel uneasy or fragmented, yet it always makes sense to me. All of this is part of the man’s prison escape strategy.


3D World:

Moreover, this Prison Escape Mod Apk game offers you to move freely in a 3D world so you can think and find all the ways to escape the hell they have put you in.


You go through 30 share-wrapped missions, and even the whole gameplay and the story is a challenge. Make allies and fight against the mobs and the gangs in prison and make your adventure and journey more and more exciting and fun. So what are you waiting for? Lets download this prison survive break escape mod apk game right now for free!


Moreover, you can perform all the different and amazing stunts with amazing ragdoll effects. This is a game that gives the player all the stuff and features anyone would want in an action game. Download the Prison Escape Mod Apk to enjoy the features and the game to its fullest.

Mod Features

  • Vip Unlocked 
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Money
  • No Ads
  • Unlimited Diamonds

How To Download and Install Prison Escape Mod Apk

Follow the steps mentioned below to download and install this mod application:

  1. Click on the Download Button to get the Direct Download Page. Within a few seconds, your game starts downloading on your phone.
  2. Once it completes, open the File Manager app and then move to the Downloads Folder. 
  3. Open it and then just tap on the install button.


Question 1: How do you escape prison?

Answer: That is the main goal. Put your mind and intelligence to the test and think of all the possible ways to escape the prison. All you have to do is think and act wisely. Furthermore, learn from the mistakes you make and try to think of the best possible way to accomplish your goal.

Question 2: Can I get VIP in Prison Escape?

Answer: Yes! You sure can, and the best part is you don’t have to waste or spend any money on it. As mentioned above in this article, download this mod apk and have Vip Unlocked for free, and it is just one of the perks offered by this amazing mod application.

Question 3: How to get good at Prison Escape?

Answer: As we have mentioned earlier, strategize and plan each and every move wisely. Learn from the mistakes you make. Make alliances with other prisoners and fight against all those who think they are the boss. Inform them about their true king.

Wrapping Up

Prison Escape Mod Apk is one of the best action games. It has a rating of over 4 and has 50 million-plus downloads. The fanbase of this one simple game is enormous. Once you start playing this game, you will know exactly why people love this game and why this game is so awesome and amazing. With all the features offered by the mod apk, the game becomes even more epic and even more enjoyable. 

Let others know about the thrill and excitement and think of all the best strategies and plans. Download this mod apk by simply clicking on the download button. The method required to install the apk file is already mentioned above in this article. Download now and enjoy the game to its fullest.

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