Real Drum Mod Apk Download [Premium Unlocked/No Ads]

If you are looking for a real drum kit, but your room does not have enough storage for it, don’t worry. Real Drum Mod Apk is all here to transform your mobile/tablet into a lifelike simulation of a drum kit. So let’s get deep into what this app is all about.

This lifelike simulation belongs to the Music & Audio category. No more need for a huge drum kit in your room. Just put your headphones on and start playing the drum. Create your own sounds and be a real-life drummer. Try the following apps too:

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Download Real Drum Mod Apk Latest Version

A lot of versions are available for this app on the internet and in local markets, but the most you are looking for is here. Therefore no more wasting of time in searching for the latest version for this app. There are very few steps to get the latest version of this app on your device.

We are providing you with the latest version of this app ever—no more need to update it daily. Get the latest version for it. For instance, we will say you all need to download the app from here and start tapping on the drum pads.

Real Drum Mod Apk [No Ads/Unlocked All]

Suppose you have downloaded this app from a local play store or app store, so you may get a normal account for it. Therefore so many features are not available in that account. Hence so many ads will pop up on your screen to disturb you, and you can not have access to all the features.

Thus we are providing you a Real Drum Mod Apk full version, which will allow you to unlock all the features as soon as you make the account. There are so many drums that you can’t play until you pay for them, so that is all free here with no ads.


Kolb Apps is now letting you have the true drumming experience in any style. It is a free, fun, and user-friendly app. In this app, you are provided with a drum and some sticks. All kinds of drums are present there. Hence you can choose the best one of your choice. Also, you have all the features to play the drums as you do in real life. So you have to tap the drums with your fingers, and the drum will sound. You can choose sticks of your own.

If you don’t know how to sound, don’t worry because there are already 60 video tutorials there which will help you to learn. Read or watch the videos to get the best knowledge for them. There are a variety of styles available for you to play the drum. Play in the best way you can and make your own sounds and album of your own. Therefore you can also fully customize the app’s pads with your own songs and bespoke images.


This real drum mod kendang apk app comes along with so many features. Some of these features are available for all users, while some of them are only for premium users. So buckle up to get the most exciting one with this mod apk file. The exciting feature of this app are:

  • You can now have new kits every week. Get the most exciting kits every week without any payment and get some new experience.
  • There is another exciting feature of the recording mode. You can now record your own sounds with new equipment and a new theme.
  • There are almost 13 new drum pads there with which you can sound the best. Start drumming and amaze the people around you.
  • You can customize your own kit, which means make customization according to your own images and sounds.
  • Excellent studio-quality sounds. Just you need to grab the best quality headphone with it and hear in the best way what you created.

How to download and install Real Drum Mod Apk

There is little but important knowledge about downloading the mod apk file for your device. Therefore now grab the latest one for you with unlimited exciting features. The steps to download this app are:

  1. Open the information column of this page and search there for the download button. Press the button, and a new tab will be opened up on your browser.
  2. If this app is not available in your region, change your location and then try it again. Complete the survey, and your download will start automatically.
  3. Close all the tabs after downloading and then open the file manager from your device. Therefore look for the downloads there.
  4. In the downloads folder, you will find the mod apk file for this app, so open it up. Press the install button, and the installation will start automatically.
  5. Restart the app after the installation and wait for a while. Now start playing the drum and have a lot of fun creating your own rhythms.


Question 1: Can we customize the apps pad on our own in Real Drum Mod Apk?

Answer: Yes, we can customize the app’s pad on our own on the basis of our sounds and bespoke images. Thus this is one of the exciting features of this app.

Question 2: How many rhythmic samples are there in this app with tutorials?

Answer: There are over 60 rhythm samples with tutorials. Therefore you can watch them in your free time to become a professional drummer. Also, there are 13 different kinds of drum pads which seem very exciting.

Wrapping Up

Real Drum Mod Apk is now one of the best drumming apps ever. There are more than ten million downloads for this app. You can enjoy this app on your androids, tablets, and ios devices as well.

So if you like our article and it has helped you in saving your time so give us a thumbs up. If you are stuck somewhere in downloading the mod for this app, you can email us or read the article again. We hope it may be useful for you.

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