Real Flight Simulator Mod Apk Download [All Planes Unlocked]

What do you think about driving an airplane all on your own? Not in reality, but this can be possible if you download the all-new game Real Flight Simulator Mod Apk. This game can be downloaded in a few easy steps. To continue reading the article and get your game now for free.

This game is mostly for the people who have a great interest in planes or driving them. So to fully fill this need, there is a Simulation Genre game for you. You will feel like really driving a plane. Therefore download your simulation game now and enjoy a real flight. Try some of the related games too:

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Download Real Flight Simulator Mod Apk Latest Version

It is not very much easy to get the latest version for this simulation game in apk file format. You have to search a lot to get the latest version. Therefore most people get scammed about the latest version. So they usually give up.

Thus if you follow the proper instructions and do not skip any step, there are some chances for you to get the latest version of this app. Therefore download the app and run it without any errors or bugsā€”no more need to update it daily.

Real Flight Simulator Mod Apk Unlimited Money/Unlocked

In this game, there are so many things that require money to unlock. To get them unlocked, you must play a lot, so your experience level will meet the proper requirement. This process can take a lot of your time and maybe you will get bored. Moreover, all planes can be unlocked using this mod for free.

Therefore to save your time as well as money, this new version apk file can bring you unlimited money with which you can unlock new maps and planes. Further, you do not have to wait much longer to learn the game. Just take your seat in the cockpit and drive your plane.


To give us a feeling of high while driving a plane, RORTOS has developed this game. Watch the world from the sky and fly along with other pilots. In this game, you have to drive a passenger plane from one city to another. You can also drive it from one country to another. Therefore you have to follow each and every instruction while flying it. You are starting from the airport and ending at the airport. Watch Out for everything and keep an eye on the radar.

There is a mess of buttons in front of you. Each button performs some special task. For example, there is one switch that can bring in or out the wheels while taking off and landing. Some gears are for landing, while some of them are for flying. The radar is always in front of you. Keep an eye on the air traffic so your plane may not collide with the other. Carry on the discussion with the people on the ground so you may get proper instruction. Watch for any consequences and make your flight a hundred percent safe for all the passengers.


Simulation games are very interesting to play. They make you feel like you’re in reality. So many of the features belong to realistic graphics, and things happen in the game. Therefore some important features for this simulation game are:

Pro Air Traffic Control: In this game, you have to control the air traffic on your own. But with the help of this mod apk file, you can get pro air traffic control which actually works automatically. You do not have to control it by yourself.

Mistakes/Failures: The most realistic feature of this game is that it has both failure and success. As we know that both failure and success are part of our life. That’s Why we have to face both of the possibilities in the game.

Advance Panel of Buttons: The plane control panel in this game is highly advanced. You have so many new features in this panel, like in the real plane. Thus you will not feel for a single second that you are playing a game. But it gives you real touch.

Unlimited Money: Each successful flight will bring you some bundle of dollars. You can purchase a new item for your plane with this money. But to get unlimited everything, you must have the apk file for this game installed on your device.

Multi-View Camera: Therefore, no more boring camera view. Now watch from any direction the plane while flying it. Enjoy the 360 views from outside of the plane. You can change the camera view from the setting panel.

How to download and install Real Flight Simulator Mod Apk

You can now download Real Flight Simulator Mod Apk in several steps:

  1. Open the download file from the menu bar.
  2. Start downloading the file.
  3. Open the file from the file manager.
  4. Install the apk file.
  5. Run the game and Enjoy!


Question 1: How many airports are there in Real Flight Simulator Mod Apk?

Answer: The plane simulation game has 35 new airports to land. You can fly from one city to another or from one country to another. Every city airport will be seen on the radar when you reach near it. Make a discussion with the control tower and make a proper landing.

Question 2: Can we play this Real Flight Simulator on the computer?

Answer: No, really, this game is not specifically made for computers. You can easily install its apk file on your mobile phone devices. Therefore on the computer, you just need an emulator device to run this mobile game on the computer.

Wrapping Up

Real Flight Simulator Mod Apk is a simulation game that is actually made for the people who love to drive a flight or want to become a pilot. Most of the planes in this game are passenger planes, so you must take care of the passenger in the plane. Their life is so important.

This article is truly based upon the process of downloading this simulation game and knowing some important facts about it. Thus if you like this article, you must leave your comment in the box given below.

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