Real Steel Mod Apk Download [Unlimited Money/No Obb]

Robots are the most advanced and well-programmed inventions of science. They are the only well-mannered, regular, punctual, and powerful creatures on this earth. They will perform the duty whichever they are programmed for. Robots can do anything except think. Therefore there are multiple robots performing multiple duties. Have you ever watched a robot fight? If not, then you can download Real Steel Mod Apk to watch and arrange a heavy fight between the robots.

The game basically belongs to the Action category of the games. As it is clear from the Fight word that there will be some stunts and actions. That is why you will be enjoying this game too much. Because firstly, the game is about robots, and secondly, the game is action. Then how can it be a boring game? Mainly the game is inspired by an English action movie about fighting. Therefore the game will also be so amazing. So do not waste time; download the game and have fun with it. You can also try Real Steel Boxing Champions Mod Apk for free.

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Download Real Steel Mod Apk Latest Version

The standard version of the game is very costly. Because it mostly has some prime features included in it. And it is 85% out of the access of the people because many people do not pay for the features. And there is the point where mod developers serve the players with the mod feature. Today I also have the mod version of this thrillful game. And this amazing latest mod version of the game offers some exciting and unlimited features of the game.

Moreover, the mod features these latest version offers are Unlimited Money/ No Obb for free. Therefore you can avail all of these features of the game for free at no cost. But the problem is that google play is not supporting this format. So you will not find this game there. Therefore, you can get this game from our website because our version is safe and authentic. You can also download it from the revdl website for the mod version.

Real Steel Mod Apk Unlimited Money/No Obb

The latest version or the mod version of the game is incomplete without explaining its features. The mod developer of the game has added all the mod features for free. So the players do not have to pay any cost for the features. Moreover, the mod features also add more fun to your experience as this version has Unlimited Money, No Obb, and Unlimited Gold. However, you can avail all of these features just by clicking on the download button on our website.

With Unlimited Money, you can purchase many accessories for your robots. More interestingly, you can also buy new robots for multiple fights because there is a huge variety of robots within the game. On the other hand, to get this version, you will also need not download the OBB file as an MD feature. Therefore you can just directly download this version on your device. In addition, there is also unlimited Gold available in this latest version.


We are living in the digital era, so our requirements are also in such a way. We are relying on technological things nowadays. This game is also a gift for you to move with this era. In this game, two martial artists, which are basically robots, will be in a fight with each other. In this game, you will see a robotic world where robots will be dominating the world. This game represents WRB (world robot boxing), and you will have a lot of action to see.

This game is based on PVP mode, where two robots will be playing the games and leagues. There will be multiple robots to choose from within the game. The robots will have multiple characteristics and qualities according to their tournaments. Moreover, the game has multiple leagues and events in which you can join or host them. You can take part in multiple leagues to higher up your level. You can reach higher levels by competing with the most powerful robot in the game. On the other hand, by winning multiple tournaments and leagues, you can be one of the top members of the leaderboard, which gives you the most pleasing feelings.

Moreover, the Real Steel Mod Apk was developed by Reliance Big Entertainment (Uk) Private Limited. This game is one of the best robot games of the century. And the Downloads of the game are reaching 50 million currently. But bad for the kids is that they have to wait to play this game until they reach their teenage years because only teenagers can play it.

On the other hand, if we see the game’s ratings, then it is 4.7/5 stars collectively.


World’s Significant Battleground

This game takes you to the biggest robotic world and its battleground. All of the robots have special powers which they can exhibit during the battle and defeat the opponent. And in those battlegrounds, unlimited robots come to fight. So the important factor you should focus on is to discover the powers and use them.

Various Modes For Better Gaming

With this game, you will find numerous gaming modes to meet your mood challenges and requirements. Such as there is a mode known as Career mode, which allows you to level up your rank. Another feature, which is Multiplayer mode, helps you to play along with your friends. Moreover, there are various other modes as well.

Real-Time In-Game Fights

Because this is a multiplayer and an online mode game, the fights and the battles within the game are real-time. They never stop and always keep going. You are allowed to join any of the battles and represent your skills and powers. And this is the beauty of this game.

Challenges And Levels Of The Game

For the better engagement of the players, this game arranges multiple challenges for them. The players have to complete those challenges daily. And for completing those tasks, players get some rewards and gifts. Moreover, there are also different levels according to your expertise and maturity with the game.

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gold
  • All Unlocked
  • No OBB File
  • All Levels Unlocked
  • Free To Download
  • Unlocked All Robots

How To Download And Install Real Steel Mod Apk AndroPalace

  1. Click on the Download Button attached to this page.
  2. You will be redirected to another page, then click on the Start Download option.
  3. The download will take a while, so wait until it is downloaded.
  4. Your application has been downloaded, and now you can play it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question1; What is the name of the shortest robot in this game?

Answer; The name of the robot that is the shortest in the game is ATOM. But he is also one of the powerful robots in this game.

Question2; How can you switch from one robot to another in the game?

Answer; It is very simple; you just have to go to the store within the game. Find the robot you want to switch to, tap on that robot, and here you go.

Question3; What is the maximum number of robots this game offers?

Answer; The Real Steel Mod Apk revdl offers you 24 playable robots in this game. You can purchase or choose any of them, including Zeus, Atom, and so on.

Wrapping Up

Real Steel Mod Apk is the most popular and famous series of Robot boxing or fight. The most special and well-known robots of this game are the Atom and the Zeus. These two robots are the most attractive robots in this game. Moreover, the game also owns a very fine quality of graphics. As you will think, it is very realistic and vivid. Hence the game is a masterpiece either in quality or quantity. Moreover, to clarify further doubts, you can check it by yourself just by downloading this game. The link is given on the page already. 🙂

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