Red Ball 4 Mod Apk Download [Premium/Lives/Unlocked]

There are evil minions that want to turn everything into a square form and make them like themselves. The world needs a hero who has got some balls to save it. Yes, we are talking about Red Ball 4 Mod Apk. It is not the first time, but at least it’s the 4th time.

After the huge success of all the first three parts of this game, there comes its fourth edition. This game belongs to the Arcade category. Very simple and cool artwork. Lots of animation and exciting new colors. So hurry up and start playing this cool game.

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Download Red Ball 4 Mod Apk Latest Version

Get the exciting new pack with unlimited new features in this latest version. There are a lot of possibilities that you may download the wrong version that may or may not be compatible with your device. So take care of this issue as well.

If you are facing a problem in finding the latest version for your device and you are not able to find it, don’t worry. Thus you may get your latest version from here totally for freeā€”no more need to worry about updates or old features.

Red Ball 4 Mod Apk Unlock Premium/Lives

You can get the Premium free features for this game if you install the premium apk file for it. Therefore to succeed in the stages of minimum attempts, you must need some huge amount of lives. Therefore if you have remaining lives, you can respawn where you died.

Hence with premium features, you can have a ball that is not affected when it passes through strikes or any other trap. You don’t need to worry much about obstacles. Complete each of the stages in no time and save a lot of time. Moreover, with this mod, all balls are unlocked for free.


FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG has developed this game for the sack of enjoyment. Arcade games are so interesting and easy to play. Therefore no more discomfort; just lay down on your couch and start playing your game. In this game, there are evil minions all over the game which want to make you square shape as they themselves are. They are your true enemies. Therefore they have set so many traps for you, so you cannot win the game.

When you start the game, your difficulty level will not be that much difficult. There are arrow buttons to roll forward and backward and to jump. You can jump over the ditches and make a watch out from moving traps. Also, if you collide with the square-shaped evil minions, you may also lose the game. There are also checkpoints in the game, so you do not have to start the game from the beginning.


Arcade games have many exciting features. These are fascinating animations. Kids are usually attracted to these colorful animations. The features for this game are:

Epic New Levels: This ball game has more than 75 levels in it. You can play all these levels with a lot of fun. Each upcoming level is difficult from the previous one. The difficulties increase as you move on.

Cloud Storage Capabilities: If you think about what happens to our game if we change our device so don’t worry. This game has cloud storage capabilities. You can continue your game where you have left it on any device where you want to play.

Epic Boss Battles: If you think that you have successfully avoided all the obstacles and ditches so maybe you are right. But there is something more waiting for you at the end. The boss who planned all these traps is watching for you, and you have to fight with him too.

Unlocked Premium/Lives: You may now get a chance of having unlocked Premium. This Premium will bring you so many extra lives in the game. You can easily complete all the stages in one chance.

Easy To Play: This game has a lot of easy control. Therefore no complications. Just simple arrow buttons and a lot of fun. Thus even a kid can easily understand its controls in a few seconds.

How to download and install Red Ball 4 Mod Apk Revdl

Very few steps to download and install Red Ball 4 Mod Apk, which are:

  1. Press the download button to download the apk file. The downloading will take a while.
  2. Do not open the file as you download it. Install the apk file installer on your device.
  3. Copy your apk file in that installer and wait for rendering.
  4. Then press the install button to begin the installation. After installing, close all the tabs.
  5. Run the app. Press the start button to play the game. Enjoy your game.


Question 1: Can we save our game on cloud storage?

Answer: Yes, we can save our game on cloud storage and continue on any device where we have left it. Must log in to that phone with proper information and start playing your game.

Question 2: Can we play Red Ball 4 Mod Apk on computers?

Answer: Yes, we can play this game on the computer as well as on smartphones. Therefore on the computer, you do not need to download it as you can play it online there.

Question 3: How many levels does this game have?

Answer: This part of the game has 75 levels in it which will keep you engaged in playing it for a long time. You can take a screenshot of each achievement and post it on social media.

Wrapping Up

Red Ball 4 Mod Apk is a successful addition to this game. The developers are considering its next part as well. As this game is not for forever, so more additions for this game are expected to launch soon. You will be informed with more information.

Getting the perfect game for your device after reading an article is completely relaxing. Hence this article has complete information about this game, and you can easily install it after reading it from here. Thank you for your convenience. Enjoy the game!

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