Rolling Sky Mod Apk Download [Unlimited Power Ups/Keys]

Another super-fun game is being introduced now. Rolling Sky Mod Apk is a unique game, which originated from the Music industry. This game is not any ordinary game, you will need to work hard to find your skills, and then and only then you can match your sound to the music.

This is a Music game. Do you like music? Of course, you do, there is no one in this world who doesn’t like music. Being a music fan yourself, you have to play this game once in your life at least. This game has made a strong impression on all its players around the world. It is a game that combines itself with music.

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Download Rolling Sky Mod Apk Latest Version

In this game, all you have to do is roll on the road and take special steps to make sure you do not fall from the road. The latest version is out and you can download it from our website. There are many features attached to this new version as well. You can check them out as well.

The latest version is 3.4.5 and is available on this website. It is a 3D game with many new features to help you grow. All you have to do is keep rolling and do not fall off the track. There are many obstacles in between the road as well.

You can download this game from our website with complete peace. You don’t have to think about infecting your device. In addition, by downloading this version from our website your compatibility issues can also be resolved. You can be sure and be free of worries while downloading this game.

Rolling Sky Mod Apk Unlimited Power-Ups/Keys

This game has a ton of features for you to enjoy. To make the game even better, the developers have made many obstacles. Some of them are old-school obstacles and some of them are new generation obstacles including lasers, hammers, and barriers, etc. To overcome these, stuff like unlimited power-ups also helps in clearing these stages.

With the game’s premium features, you can enjoy and use unlimited power-ups. Furthermore, with no ads, there is also ease to your mind. You don’t need to look at those ads and waste your time, similarly, you do not need to collect or buy new powers, you will be provided with an unlimited amount of power-ups at your disposal.


Rolling Sky Mod Apk is all about balance. You have to stay in control of the game while syncing with the music. There will be a lot of obstacles but at least you will enjoy the wonderful music at the backend.

If you want to play this game without the music then it is a big mistake. The music is the essence of this game. The game is synced with one of the best EDM songs, while continuously being updated with new songs as well.

The stage in the game is set in a way that you will be introduced to a new level and a new place, you will play as a ball and with your fingers, you will control the ball, there will be lots of obstacles that will try to knock you down every second. You will have to save yourself from all these obstacles and keep yourself going till every end.


Music has always attracted people. It is addicting and combined with the game it is a lethal weapon. Rolling Sky Mod Apk offers a lot of features as well, some of them are as follows:

Music: The game has many tracks which include many artists such as Alan Walker and Marshmello etc. Each track has its own pace and the ball moves according to that pace.

3D Graphics: The graphics of this game, in addition to being 3D, are also pretty aesthetic and colorful. Every little detail is pretty eye-catching especially with the music playing behind, it is a wonderful feeling.

New Records: Every time you play a new level, you set a new record. You can play those levels again and again to beat your own record. Challenge your own limits and be the best at what you do.

Mod Feature

  • All levels unlocked
  • Unlimited Keys
  • Unlimited Money
  • Free shopping
  • Unlimited Ball
  • Unlimited Shields
  • No ads

How to download and install Rolling Sky Mod Apk

  1. Click on the Download Button to get the Direct Download Button.
  2. Now again click on that Button and within ew seconds, your game starts downloading on your phone.
  3. Now once it’s done, open it and then allow all permission.
  4. After that, just tap on the install button.


Question 1: What is the hardest level in this game?

Answer: The most difficult level of this game has to be the 6-Star level also called the 4th Anniversary level. It can be unlocked with 120 gems which are a great fuss to collect. You can instead download the Mod version and get them for free.

Question 2: What is the final level of this game?

Answer: There are many levels in this game, the last level is level number 55 named Goodbye. It is one of the last levels in this game.

Question 3: Is this game on PC?

Answer: Yes this game is on PC and it is not a big hassle to download it. You can search the game’s name and PC for further details.

Wrapping Up

Rolling Sky Mod Apk is a music game. One of the biggest reasons why it’s so in demand is because the sole purpose for it to be downloaded so much is because of the music. With its enhanced graphics and enjoyable gameplay, it is one of the best music games to exist. The game is addicting but beware because sometimes the music can distract you as well.

Come and enjoy the music while playing an addicting game. It is a game that would relax your mind and would make you feel happy. You can make new records on this game and then share them with your friends as well. Download the game by following the steps shown above. Thank you. Enjoy the music and the game.

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