Simcity Mod Apk Download [Unlimited Money/Everything]

Simcity buildit is one of most exciting simulation games ever. 50 millions+ gamers are playing this game currently. And our youth is so familiar with this game. If you’re creative and you love to design new things then this article will help you alot. Because this article is about  a game named Simcity mod apk. In this game you are encouraged to build new buildings and utilize your creativity. When you build a lot of buildings you can build a new city of your own.

This game belongs to the Simulation category. Every person who is above 10 years is allowed to install and play this. And can be the hero of his own city. It gives players bundles of options for the improvement of the city. Before download this game, make sure to try some of the other best games too:

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Download Simcity Mod Apk Latest Version

If you want to enjoy this game and build your own city you can download it from google play.It is easily available for you on the play store and app store. You can enjoy this game either on android or ios. This game makes you feel very thoughtful about your decisions. And enhance your decision making power. It reflects the real world closely. You can build your building like an investor and you can sell those buildings to buy another one like a businessman.

Its graphics are very realistic. You can see each and every thing in a very detailed view. It provides you unlimited coins/ keys/ simcash/obb file etc. Be careful about downloading this game from unauthorized websites because some websites are providing you fake apps which may harm your device.

Simcity Mod Apk Unlimited Everything/Money

Simcity mod is offering you unlimited everything therefore you can get all the premium features of this game in this latest version. Latest version has unlimited money which you can use in buying more new buildings and unlimited keys of different types to purchase buildings like you can use golden keys to purchase some special buildings for example schools, casinos etc.

Beside this you can also play this game offline through this latest version. There is unlimited simoleons and neosimoleons as well which allows the players to build regional buildings and to improve regional hotspot. Moreover, 10 levels are unlocked in this latest version.


The game was developed by Electronic Arts in 1989. Simcity buildit is the most popular builder in the world of games. Every decision of the player makes the city more and more larger and facilitates the citizens. Your choices become smarter. And a player can build his way to extraordinary. But you have to follow some rules and work according to the given instructions. Although, You are given the authority to build buildings from the land to water and design them according to your wish. But you have to make sure that  roads are connected with the buildings.

So it becomes easy for the citizens living in those buildings to come out. And the look of your buildings should be natural so citizens can find it adjustable. You can build parks, hospitals,shops,  lands, water and anything you wish for. This will invite other people to come and live in your city.  As the number of your facilities increases the number of people in your city will grow with the same proportion.



Simcity buildit has different builtin currencies including Simcash, golden keys. Platinum keys and simoleons. Simcash is a high class currency that helps you to immediately monetize your work. Golden key is used to buy special buildings. Simoleons are made to exchange and upgrade resources.

Collect and  trade resources;

If you want to build a big city you must have excess resources. Building can not be built without resources. Therefore resources are the most important thing in the game. You ask your friend to lend you some resources. Beside this you can exchange your resources with others resources. You can do resource trade with others which is the means of generating decent income.

Unlimited money/key;

When you feel that the number of money available in the game is so small to upgrade your work you need not to get worried about it. You do not need to get money from simcash. Latest of Simcity buildit mod apk version has resolved this financial problem of yours. It has unlimited money which can be used to upgrade your major work and unlimited keys to purchase different buildings to grow your city.

 3D Graphics of game;

Electronic arts are known for their graphic quality. Simcity mod apk provides a detailed view of the city with the 3D graphics. You can have a keen observation of all the activities going in and around the city. You will find it so smooth for eyes to see the city closely. Moreover, the game has its day and night modes for the magnificent experience of players. And the weather also changes according to seasons. You can zoom in and out to keep an eye on the residents of the city.

Grow your city;

If you have made enough buildings for the city building, stop and watch the simulation process, that is enough to make you happy. The happy cities and hustle and bustle on the roads of the city will entertain you and make you feel comfortable. You’re definitely going to enjoy looking at the residents playing basketball and volleyball.

Mod features

  • Unlimited keys
  • Unlimited money
  • Level 10
  • Unlimited simcash
  • Unlimited simoleons
  • Offline Version
  • Unlimited neosimoleons

How to download and install Simcity Mod Apk

  1. Install internet guard from Apkmody or Pay store.
  2. First Download the mod version of the game on your phone and then install it. When it is installed, open the simcity buildit mod apk installer and click on ths for installation.
  3. Then open the internet guard and enable the game and block all the internet sources like wifi and mobile data.
  4. Then go and open , it will take a few minutes but because of internet blockade but after a while it will start working.
  5. Congratulations! you have entered the game successfully.


Q1; Can you play Simcity mod apk on pc for free?

Ans; Currently simcity mod is available for free on the gameplay. It is not mentioned until which date it is going to be free.

Q2; Can children play this game?

Ans; Childrens are free to play the simcity and the targeted audience of this game is teenagers.

Q3; How is it possible to change my age in the simcity?

Ans; Unfortunately players cannot change their age or date of birth in simcity games.


Simcity Mod apk is the most entertaining game for the kids and teenagers. If you want to play this game this article can lead you to it. We encourage you to download and play this game. And build your own empire. May you find this game delightful!

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