Smurfs Village Mod Apk Download [Unlimited Gold/Money]

Do you love animated movies? If you do, then you need to pay for this game as it is a rip-off of that movie. There are colorful memories of the village of the adorable smurfs. Smurfs Village Mod Apk is the game that today’s generation should play to know much about the millennial’s childhood. It is like a gentle dream that can be rarely seen in such games; who knows; one can become friends with the blue village’s people and make such beautiful memories.

You cannot subtly ignore this game because of the cuteness involved within its little blue characters. The game is of the Adventure category, people who love doing adventure but cannot afford to go on an adventure love such types of games. There are different and unique smurfs characters, and each character has their own unique personality and abilities. 

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Download Smurfs Village Mod Apk Latest Version

Download the latest version of the game, which dates back to its first appearance in 1958. The latest version, 2.19.0, of this game offers many features that encapsulate the beauty of the little creatures even more. Download the newest version from our site and enjoy the game.

This version has renounced all the issues related to the problems associated with either compatibility of the game with one’s device. The game has been tested on various devices; the tests showed zero issues and not even one complaint regarding any security issues. You should download this game with the latest features installed to stand out from others.

Smurfs Village Mod Apk Unlimited Gold/Money

The premium version of this game offers unlimited features. The two major ones are unlimited gold and money. With small and cute graphics, the game attracts many of its players just because of the little smurfs involved in the game. With unlimited money and gold, you can speed up all of your village work. Spend more so you can complete these tasks in an instant as well.

The game also offers free shopping as its feature. You can buy new clothes or skins for your players as well. The beauty of the game is encapsulated in the little blue creatures and their small cute mushroom houses. You can stand out from all of the players by customizing your characters by spending unlimited money on your characters. 


The Smurfs Village Mod Apk is a game that is based on the background and main plot of the animated movie. The game is friendly and easy to play for everyone. PopReach Incorporated set a great example by using the game to make a great replica of the movie. All the characters have their own names and are legends of the millennial’s past. 

Whether the comics, movie, or game, this whole story is a journey of solidarity, protection, and love between the smurfs residents. They join together because of the evil wizard that always resides in their lives to destroy their peace and love. There are also many funny and cute situations between all the characters as well.

The game takes a roller coaster of emotions in its story; at one point, it is romantic, while on another point, it becomes insane. All you have to do in this game is that you need to expand your village and make it as strong as you can. To save it from the evil wizard, you need to help the little cute blue creatures so that they can maintain their peace and love forever.


Adventure games are always fun to explore. Smurfs Village Mod Apk offers tons of features to enjoy. Some of them are as follows:

In-dept: You have to build and expand your smurf’s village from the start. The gameplay is in-depth; you have to plan and decide each and every little thing to build, design, and decorate your village.

Favorite Characters: The people who have watched the movie or follow the comics already have a favorite character of their own. If you don’t worry, you will develop it soon. You can change your favorite character and play with it as you choose your favorite character. Each smurf has its own traits and features, so it is clear that there will be likes and unlikes in this regard.

Various Fields: You will have the whole village at your door. You can use any place and any field to plow and grow your own crops. 

Easy to play: The game is too easy to play. All you need to do is plan a little ahead of time, and you will really enjoy the game. 

Mod Feature

  • Everything unlocked
  • Infinite/Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Money
  • Old Version + New Version
  • Free shopping

How to download and install Smurfs Village Mod Apk 

  1. Click on the Download Button to get the Direct Download Page. Once you are on that page, you again need to click on the Download Button. Within a few seconds, your game starts downloading on your phone.
  2. Now once it completes, open it from File Manager.
  3. Once it opens, make sure you give all the permission and then tap on the install button.


Question 1:Where did the Smurfs come from?

Answer: The smurfs originally came from Belgium.

Question 2:How many Smurfs are in the game?

Answer: There are around 100 smurfs in the game.

Question 3:What is the name of the evil wizard in this game?

Answer: The evil wizard in this game is called Gargamel.

Wrapping Up

With all the negativity around, it is time for some positive game. Smurfs Village Mod Apk offers such a pleasant and epidemic season to enjoy this game with peace. Thanks to this game, one can enjoy it with much energy and positivity. Such games are kind of like farmer’s games, but the fact that it is also a fun and hit movie makes it’s game a big hit.

The game is completely free and with all the features, including the Mod features for you as well. Participate in helping the Smurf’s build their village and stay safe from the evil wizard. Download this game now and help the cute blue creatures to their cause. 

Download the game if you like this article and support us. To get the Mod version, follow the steps mentioned above and enjoy the game. Thank You.

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