Talking Tom Hero Dash Mod Apk Download [Unlimited Money/Gems/]

Suppose you are a great fan of Tom and Jerry cartoons and have been watching them since you were a kid. So you must know about Talking Tom Hero Dash Mod Apk. This game will renew all your favorite cartoon characters whom you loved to watch as a kid.

This game falls into the Action Genre. Therefore you can compete in points with your Facebook friends too. There are new characters too in the game other than Tom, so you are not getting bored anyway. So download this game now and have unlimited fun.

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Download Talking Tom Hero Dash Mod Apk [2021 Updated]

Glad to see you here because we are providing you with the most advanced 2021 update of this game. No more need to scroll down from pages to pages in search of the latest version. So all you need is here, hence continue reading down the article.

This new update is free from all the bugs and lagging problems. As lags during the game were the main issue in the past updates. Most of the people also reported the troubleshooting issue. Therefore this version is free from all these issues.

Talking Tom Hero Dash Mod Apk Unlimited Money

If you are worried about the money and diamonds in the game to unlock new outfits and characters so don’t worry because we are providing you with unlimited money and gems. No more need to waste time in earning coins and money in purchasing gems.

This apk file has all the four characters Talking Angela, Talking Ben, Talking Ginger, and Talking Hank are unlocked. You can purchase these heroes from the exclusive store with the help of unlimited money. This version has unlimited everything and you get unlimited diamonds for free.


Outfit7 Limited is the developer for this game. They have directly linked this game to the Outfit7 store. There you can easily download every game that they have published. In this game, you have to run through the track and avoid every obstacle that comes in your path. The Raknooz have captured your friends Talking Angela, Talking Ben, Talking Ginger, and Talking Hank, and you are a superhero for them.

The Raknooz is consistently chasing you, and you just need to hurry up to reach your friends. Therefore there are so many coins on the track that you have to collect. Also, there are superpowers too that enable you to jump high or long; some of them enable you to fly while some speed you up. Therefore you are actually scoring points in your game as long as you continue to run. The farther you reach, the more difficult it becomes.


This game is just a modification of Talking Tom 2. Therefore we can also say that this is a mini-game for it, but actually, this game has its own separate version. The exciting new features are:

Become a Superhero: You have to save Tom’s friends and become a superhero. Make the longest run to collect more coins and save Tom’s friend from Raknooz.

Unlimited Everything: This mod file brings you unlimited money and gems. Therefore you can purchase new outfits for Tom and make him look smarter. You can also buy epic items for your Tom from the exclusive shop.

No More Video Ads or Ads Banners: As you know, there are lots of ads and banners that interrupt you while playing the game. You must have to skip them but now no more issues like this. Hence no more ads or banner ads and enjoy the game without any interruption.

All Outfit7 Unlocked: There are so many exciting outfits there which you can wear to your Tom. So, therefore, all these outfits are unlocked, and you can choose the one you like.

Smooth Sound Quality: The new and latest version of this game has the smoothest sound quality ever. Therefore no more noise issues, and enjoy the game very calmly.

How to download and install Talking Tom Hero Dash Mod Apk

To download Talking Tom Hero Dash Mod Apk, you must read the given steps very precisely. Note down the steps and follow each one as it is given. The steps to download this game are as follow:

  1. Drag your thumb towards the download menu at the top of this page. Therefore press it, and a list of different versions will be opened up.
  2. Choose the latest version and select your device out of the list. Close the ad blocker, and your downloading will start in several seconds.
  3. After the download, the file will be shifted to the download folder in the file manager. Therefore reach the apk file and press the install button.
  4. The installation will take a while. After installation, close all the tabs and clear all the cache of the apk file.
  5. Now open the app. Create a free account. Give them some important information about yourself and start playing the game.


Question 1: How Old is this Talking Tom Hero Dash Mod Apk?

Answer: This game was published in 2013. Therefore this game is now almost 8 years old. The most surprising thing about this game is that it is still available in the market.

Question 2: Do people still play this Talking Tom Hero Dash?

Answer: Yes, people still love to play this game. There are almost 10 million plus downloads for this game. Therefore you can still download and enjoy this game as much as people used to enjoy it in 2013.

Final Verdict

Talking Tom Hero Dash Mod Apk is a very famous game among kids. Most of the kids love to watch Tom in epic new themes. Therefore they want to play a game like Tom. They make new stories for them and then love to share them with their friends.

If you have read this whole article carefully, you may understand how to download this game. If you are still facing any issue regarding download so contact us through email given at the end of the page. We hope this article may help you.

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