Tiles Hop Mod Apk Download [Unlimited Money/Music Unlocked]

Do you want to play a game that can entertain you as well with your favorite song? If yes, download the new music game Tiles Hop Mod Apk. So why are you waiting to download this legendary app and start listening and playing as well?

This app belongs to the Music category. Therefore take your ball and jump over the tiles. Make a watch out for the gaps between the tiles. This game will keep you engaged for a long time. Easy control and very few steps to download it, so continue reading the article.

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Download Tiles Hop Mod Apk Latest Version

There is so much confusion in downloading the latest version of this app as there are so many bugs and errors in the older version of this app. Therefore no new songs are there in that version. Also, so many features are not available in older versions.

Hence if you want to download the latest version without any troubleshooting issues, new features, and new songs, follow the steps given below because you can get your latest version from here for totally free. No more updating issues or any other in this version.

Tiles Hop Mod Apk All Songs Unlocked

This tiles hop edm rush mod apk is made for listening to songs while playing the game. Therefore not all the songs are unlocked already. You have to purchase them or buy them from their exclusive shop. Therefore you are not free to play any song you like.

Thus you may get a chance to have all songs unlocked. You may listen to every song you like. This apk file will also let you play your own songs from your songs lists. There is a very easy step for doing this. So hurry up and download your apk file and start playing. If you love to play this game, then you checked its sibling game Tiles Hop Forever Dancing Ball Mod Apk too.


AMANOTES PTE LTD has developed this game only for the sake of enjoyment. In this game, you can play with tiles as your songs will continue to play. Therefore your song will only stop if you miss out on any of the single tiles. You can drag your ball over the tile with your thumb swiping across the screen. The game gets faster and faster as you score more, and there are more chances for you to fall off the tiles.

Once you are eliminated, there is no chance of starting back from where you left. But the only way is to download the apk file and start playing without any fear. Begin from anywhere you want, and do not worry about life. You can compete in scores with your friends and make a good target for them to achieve. With the help of this apk file, you can now enjoy the app without any interruption of ads. So download it now and start playing.


Music apps are so much concerned with songs and enjoyment. There is no actual task to achieve; you just have to enjoy the game. Some of the exciting new features you must know before downloading this game are:

No Ads And No Disturbance: This old version apk file can bring you a game without any ads and disturbance. You can now enjoy the unlimited fun of any interruption of ads in the game. Ads are actually so irritating, and you just have to wait for a few seconds to skip them.

Unlimited Free Diamonds: You may now get a chance with a VIP account to avail of 100 plus diamonds daily. Use your diamonds to unlock new songs. Thus use the song that has more beat drops so you can easily adjust yourself to the rhythm.

Non-Stop Playing: This apk file can bring you unlimited lives in the game. You can continue your game where you fell off. Thus non-stop playing is available now. You can compete with unlimited scores so that no one will be able to chase them.

Generate Your Own Songs: The older version of this game has so many missing features that are available in this version. Thus you can now put your own song library from your songs storage application or iTunes. This is very exciting.

Compete With Friends: The coolest thing about this app is that you can now compete in score with your Facebook friends as well. They do not know that you have an apk file, so you can score unlimited, and they will never be able to catch you.

How to download and install Tiles Hop Mod Apk

You can download Tiles Hop Mod Apk in few steps:

  1. Press the download apk file latest version button.
  2. The downloading will start on your device.
  3. Open the file manager and search for the apk file installer.
  4. Press the Uninstall button to begin the installation.
  5. Run the game and Enjoy!


Question 1: How many default songs are there in Tiles Hop Mod Apk?

Answer: This app has almost 30 or more default songs to listen to. You can use them, but you have to unlock them before applying them. Also, you can put your own songs library in the game and play with your own favorite artist songs.

Question 2: Can we connect this app with our Facebook Account?

Answer: Yes, absolutely; we can easily connect this app with our social media accounts. In this way, we can share our best score on the whiteboard. Your friends can also see your best score and will definitely want to compete with you in your highest scores.

Wrapping Up

These music apps or games are most famous among elders. Because most of the busy people just have a few seconds to play a game. Therefore they download Tiles Hop Mod Apk to play and listen to songs at the same time. Some people find it relaxing while some not.

So if you have read the article completely and carefully, you may know how to get the latest version for totally free. Therefore you may also be very well aware of the exciting feature that this game is providing to you. So download your game now and enjoy as much as you can.

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