Vlog Star Mod Apk Download [All Unlocked/VIP Unlocked]

With the emergence of Tik Tok, the trend for making videos on other platforms has also emerged. The problem for such a platform is that, unlike Tik Tok these social platforms do not provide good editing software, some do provide but are not capable enough. To tackle such issues we introduce to you Vlog Star Mod Apk. An app that allows you to edit videos efficiently and easily.

This app is a Video Players & Editors category app. You can edit videos and pictures easily for your Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube accounts. It is an app specifically designed for Android phones. It is a simple app, with a great interface and a powerful video editing feature as well. There are many features and resources to use, plus it also gives you many ideas as well.

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Download Vlog Star Mod Apk Latest Version

This app is one of the best and most popular editing apps. Its new version i.e 5.7.1 provides you with many features, being only available for Android users, this app has a huge audience. The app itself takes very little space on your phone but provides a very nice and powerful set of tools to handle your creative videos.

You can download this app’s latest version from our website, with absolutely no worries regarding your computer not being compatible or your device running into some virus. You can be free of worries and download it from our website as we trust you and ask you to do the same.

Vlog Star Mod Apk All Unlocked/VIP Unlocked

This app offers many features which include quick filters and FX effects to add to your videos. There are also many video transitions that are up to the mark. The problem is that all these features can be accessed to an extent, when you meet that extent what you further need is to pay monthly to use the app’s exclusive features.

With the Mod version of the app, you can access these features for free. The Mod version offers the VIP unlock which lets its users use all of the features that are offered in the app. There are tons of samples that you can simply just apply to your app as well. Such apps when you use them, print a watermark of their name on the side of the video or a picture that you saved. This version removes the watermark and you can be free of any bindings set by the app.


Video creator apps have always been something that has amazed me. You can edit your videos and add cinematic views to your videos with such apps, you can edit and create any kind of videos with these apps. When downloading these, you should consider downloading Vlog Star Mod Apk for editing.

Download this app now and enjoy editing with the work by Ryzenrise. This app offers you tons of features and the best editing tools to help you get the best editing videos of all time. There are also samples for you to choose from. Not feeling like editing today? Just select one of the samples you like and the features and tools used in that sample would be transported to your video. This version has also gotten rid of all the ads to ensure that you can edit without any interruption.


There are many features that Vlog Star Mod Apk provides, some of them are as follows:

Quick Filters and FX Effects: In this vlog star pro apk app, using your Android phone you can add film-level filters and effects to your videos. These effects will show you how fast you can change your game from a low-level content creator to a professional, you can use this app to change your video aspects as well.

Video Transitions: The app also offers you video transitions. As you know, video transitions are the new cool of videos. They have been around since Tik Tok came out and have transcended through to other social apps as well. You can use this app to make transition videos easily.

Camera Reaction: The reaction videos are pretty famous too, and are still getting more and more famous through Youtube. With most Youtubers using a computer or a professional camera to shoot their reaction videos, you can use this app to conveniently record and edit your videos.

Mod Feature

  • No Watermark
  • Fully Unlocked
  • Without Watermark
  • VIP Unlocked
  • Updated Version

How to download and install Vlog Star Mod Apk

  1. When you come to your website, the first thing you need to do is to click on the Download Button.
  2. It will open a new Download Page for you. Now again click on the Download Button and within a few seconds, the apk file of this application starts downloading.
  3. Once it completes, open it on your phone and then just tap on the install button.
  4. Make sure to give all the permission required by the app.


Question 1: Does this editor app contain a watermark in its videos?

Answer: It depends, there are two possibilities. If you download this app from somewhere else, there is a 99% possibility that the app will insert its own watermark when the videos are installed. The other possibility is the fact that if you download our Mod version of this app, you will get a feature with a no watermark facility for free.

Wrapping Up

When in a show biz such as this, one has to keep entertaining its viewers. Whether by their skills or by doing something different than others. To deliver the best to your viewers you have to start editing through Vlog Star Mod Apk. You can download these videos to your device when you have finished editing them as well.

Download this app from our website and enjoy the full features of this app without any worries. Edit, create, and send your creativity to the open world. In the end, I would say that if you want to upgrade your editing skills, you have to try this app once. We guarantee that you will be blown to your head. You can download this app from above, just follow the steps. Thank you. Enjoy the app.

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