Voloco Premium Apk Download [Full Unlocked]

Voloco Premium Apk is a music studio app. If you have a passion for music and want to sing songs. And you can’t afford the tools or music equipment that are needed in the making of music. So this app is everything you need. With Voloco, you can make music sitting on your couch.

Voloco app belongs to the category of Music-Audio apps. Voloco is a real-time audio editing app. It allows users to edit recordings in real-time while providing a powerful and useful set of editing tools to make any changes and edit in the recorded audio. Voloco is becoming a community for sound creators. You can also join this community and share your music with others. Let’s check out some of the following games too:

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Download Voloco Premium Apk Latest Version

There are a lot of different and old versions of the app Voloco available on the internet. So first, you need to make sure you are downloading the latest version of the app. Which you can do by clicking on the latest version download button.

And why you need to download the latest version is because users get loads of new features and editing tools with the updated version. Moreover, with the latest version, bugs are also fixed by developers that were found in the old version.

Voloco Premium/Full Unlocked

With the premium version of the app, users get everything unlocked for free. All the effects and editing tools are available and locked with the play store version. And you have to pay money for unlocking these features. But with the mod apk, users unlock all effects without spending a penny. Therefore, with the unlocking of these effects and editing tools, users can use the app in its entirety. And make great music without any hindrance. Plus, it’s free to download.


Voloco by RESONANT CAVITY  is an astonishing audio editing app. The app comes with a number of great beats to select from. You can scroll down the beats library and select which you think suits your song. If you don’t find a beat that is to your liking, you can also upload the beat from your internal storage device. So if you find the perfect beat for your song, then you can click on the recording button to start recording your song. This app also allows you to record the song in audio or video form, so whatever you want, you can select.

In addition to that, the Voloco Premium Apk also offers different effects, which you can use to make your track perfect. The premium version of the app offers more than 40 effects for you to review. So review all these effects you want and select the best for yourself. After recording, you can also use vocal sync. Which syncs the vocal from recording with the beats. With features, you will get a perfect track. And if you are sure that track is ideal and doesn’t need any additional changes. You can export the track and share it with people and friends.


The app offers loads of great features. Here you will find all the exciting features given below.

Beat Library: With the Voloco Premium Apk, users get access to countless beats to sing or rap over them. In addition to that, you can see some of the top-notch tracks that have been made using the Voloco app in the beat library.

Export feature: Another great feature you get with the Voloco app is the ability to export your track. You can export your track easily to other apps and platforms. And after that, you can continue to work there.

Easily Sharing: With the Voloco app, you can share your track easily. After finishing the project, you can share it on other social media apps easily. Like Instagram or Facebook. Therefore it’s easy to share.

Discover Other user’s Content: Users get another great feature: they can discover other users’ content and tracks shared by them in the community. You can see the top tracks. You can hear them and see what type of effects they are using in the editing. Besides that, you can also support other users.

Get Featured: Your track can also get Featured in the top tracks of the Voloco Premium Apk. This great feature allows users to expand their audience. As it will reach more users. After that, maybe you will have your own fan base.

Adjust Vocals: Another great feature of the Voloco app is adjusting Vocals. You can adjust the vocal with the beat you added. Therefore with vocal adjusting, you will get a perfect track to tune. You can also change or resonate with the frequency of the recording.

Dynamic preset:  The app also has eight Dynamic presets. Which includes Modern Rap, Starter, P Train, Bon Hiver, and others. So you can use these presets. If you are looking to make music in these genres.

How to Download and Install Voloco Premium Apk

Downloading and installing the Voloco app on your Android device is pretty simple. Just follow the given instructions.

  1. Press the download button to start downloading the apk file.
  2. Do not open the file as you download it. Install the apk file installer on your device.
  3. Copy your apk file in that installer and wait for rendering.
  4. Then press the install button to begin the installation.
  5. Run the app. And Enjoy making music.


Question 1: Is Voloco an auto-tune app?

Answer: Yes, the app offers the auto-tune effect. Voloco is a vocal effects app with automatic tuning, harmony, and vocoding of the recording.

Question 2: Is Voloco App Available for IOS and PC?

Answer: Yes, the app is available on the apple store. However, you can also download it on pc by using bluestacks.

Question 3: How to make a beat your favorite?

Answer: It’s very simple. Tap a Beat to preview it in the full-screen player. After that, you can also Favorite a Beat by tapping on the heart icon.

Final Verdict

In finality, Voloco Premium Apk, with all those features and effects of recording and editing sound, makes the app easily among the top apps for music and audio apps. So if anyone is interested in the art of singing. This app is perfect and will satisfy all their needs. Enjoy making music!

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