World Conqueror 3 Mod Apk Download [Unlimited Medal/Resources]

World Conqueror 3 Mod Apk is a game that is constructed upon World War 2. Basically, the game is a simulation of strategic military wars and fights. The players in the game do not just fight as commanders. But in addition to being commanders, they can also take part in the battles and fight so they win the war in the best possible way.

World Conqueror 3 belongs to the category of Strategy games. After the first world war, the second world war was also very horrifying and dangerous. So we all heard about it and read about it, but with World Conqueror 3, we get to experience the war as a player or part of the war.

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Download World Conqueror 3 Mod Apk Latest Version

You should download the latest version of the game as there are many different versions on the internet and on this site. Therefore, make sure to look for the latest version and download it. Some players reported the bugs and errors in the old version of this game. Developers fix these bugs and roll the fixed game into the version.

In addition to that, players get a lot of new features and new modes in the Latest Version. Thus download the appropriate and new version of the game by clicking on the latest version download button. Otherwise, you have to reinstall the game for the latest version. Therefore you can enjoy the game to its full extent.

World Conqueror 3 Mod Apk Unlimited Medals/Resources

World Conqueror 3, so players get unlimited everything. However, war costs a lot of money and uses many resources. That is also true for the game as it is set on real historical events. Thus having everything unlimited is a great feature to win the war easily. In the original version, you need to spend your money to buy these things. But with mod apk, you get unlimited everything for free.

In addition to Money and Resources, players also get infinite medals. Thus you can get any medal you want with the mod version. Along with that, you can unlock all the generals and select the best general for yourself. And it’s free to download.


The game World Conqueror 3 is made by the company Easy Tech. The gameplay of the game is very smooth and exciting. In the game, you, as a player, handle commanding units on the Map. You will handle everything from the methods, strategy, tactics to commanding officers and all. The game starts with giving you the authority to be a commander for a platoon. But as your level increases, you will be given higher responsibilities. But whatever your level is, the main task is to carefully arrange, distribute, command and move your units to reach the enemy quickly as soon as possible. So you win the battle.

Besides that, your friends and enemies will always be shown on the map. Your part in the game will be to drag the units to a particular position. Either to defend or attack. You can only choose to attack or defend for one unit. Since you can change it, select carefully and strategically.


The World Conqueror 3 Mod Apk Unlimited Everything game offers many awesome and epic features for its users. But some of the cool features are given below. So

Different Modes: The game offers two different and unique modes. The two modes are Conqueror mode and military mode. In the conqueror mode, you will select a country to wage a war fight. You will be Victor when you finish all enemies on a worldwide scale. Furthermore, in the military mode, you will play all the great historical events. And you will get to choose and select the type of role you want to play in the war.

Different Maps: Another exciting and interesting feature of the World Conqueror 3 game is its two different maps. The two different maps are the Flat map and Topographic map. The flat map is used for conqueror mode, and it helps you to have a general view of the correlation of forces, the density of the army. In addition to that, all the other information is also given on this map. And the Topographic map is used for both conqueror and military mode. The terrain of the war is shown by colors. But also other info is shown on the map.

Different Army Units: The World Conqueror 3 Mod Apk game also offers a set of different army units. The infantry is offensive, medium set, but has fast movement. The artillery is a super-strong attack, medium movement, and weak defense. The Armor’s superior defense, good attack, good movement. And Marines have a good defense, attack, and movement will depend on the group of Marines and the weapons they have in hand.

Graphics and Music: The game World Conqueror 3 offers quite realistic Graphics and is far better than the previous versions of the game. It offers a realistic war experience. Furthermore, the sound quality is also interesting and mind-blowing. The background sound makes the player feel like they are a part of real war.

Mod Features

  • Unlock All Generals
  • Unlimited Medal
  • Unlimited Resources
  • No Ads
  • Free to Download

How to Download and Install World Conqueror 3 Mod Apk

  1. Click on the Download Button given in the article, which will open a new page for you.
  2. Here you need to wait for a few seconds unless the timer ends.
  3. Once it ends, you will get the Download Button. Just click on it, and that’s it.
  4. Now open the Apk File and give all the permission required by the app.
  5. Then tap on the install button to install it on your phone.


Question 1: Which is the best country to be in the world conqueror 3 game?

Answer: ┬áThe best country to be in World Conqueror 3 is the United States. So it’s by far the easiest and the best country to use. Its only neighbors are Canada which is an ally. And Mexico is an ally.

Question 2: Can you play the World Conqueror 3 game on Pc?

Answer: Yes, you can play the game on Pc. So if you want to play on Pc, just simply download and start enjoying it on Pc.

Question 3: How to get General in World Conqueror 3?

Answer:  The generals can only be bought Via the game store.

Wrapping Up

Finally, World Conqueror 3 Mod Apk is one of the best war games out there. So if you want to play this type of game, then download this game. And Enjoy!

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