Youtube Music Premium Apk Download [Premium/BG Play/Unlocked]

Suppose you are getting tired of buying youtube music every month. Also, you want to save money and time so don’t worry. The big news is here. Youtube Music Premium Apk is all here for you. For more details, read out the article carefully.

This app belongs to the Music & Audio Genre. All of the stuff you need to get about music is all here. This app will allow you to do a lot of new stuff. You can listen to any new or any old song anywhere. So why are you waiting? Let’s start learning. Make sure to try this app too:

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Youtube Music Premium Apk Download

As we all know that there are already too many ways to listen to music or get a download for it. But what if I say your device has not much storage to download every type of song you like. Or you don’t have much time to download the music and play each of them one by one.

All you need is to download this premium mod file on your device. Change the old rusty way of listening into a new way of listening. You have to follow each step very consciously; otherwise, if you skip or jump any step, you may not succeed.

Youtube Music Premium Apk Latest Version

This premium mod file is the latest of all that launched till now. People are downloading it and surfing it daily. This whole new feature will allow you to do a lot of new stuff that is otherwise blocked or paid for. To get the latest version, there is some important information you must know.

With this Youtube Music Premium Apk, you have a chance to enjoy the premium for this app totally free. You can run two windows at a time. Therefore you do not have to pay for a single penny from your pocket. You can also stream from this platform.


This app has been published by Google LLC. Tremendous progress on youtube. This app provides you with some new and exciting features that are not available in normal youtube apps. You can now enjoy the app without any ads. Unlike youtube, it is more simple and less irritating. No ads mean you can save a lot of your time. These features are actually paid, but with the help of this mod, you can save your money.

Accordingly, now you can even stream your music here and can earn money. You can now open two windows at a time to play different music on each window. This feature was quite missing, but now it is solved. Further, you can play anything on it and minimize the window for it, but the music will continue to play on your device. Grab your file from here and enjoy it as much as you can.


Every app is important until it doesn’t have some exciting features. These features make them different from others. Youtube Music Premium Apk gratis is now all set to provide you great comfort in using this app. Some of its new feature are:

  • You can watch or listen to music without any ads. No need to wait for the skip button to skip the music. Enjoy your music consistently.
  • You can play the song and minimize the window. No more shutdown for the music anymore. You can do all other stuff while you are using youtube.
  • This premium file is totally free, which provides some premium features that otherwise require your money.
  • You can also stream your music from here and can become a publisher. All you need is to care about don’t copying other work. Therefore be conscious about this.
  • No more bad sound quality problems. Enjoy the unlimited smooth way of listening. You can also share your favorite music with your friends.

How to download and install Youtube Premium Apk

To get the best download ever, you need to read the given steps below. Read each of the steps carefully. Every step is connected in a chain form system to others. So the steps to download the latest version for Youtube Music Premium Apk are:

  1. There is a downloading link somewhere on this page. To find the download link and open it up. Hence a new page will open up on your device.
  2. There will be a download button. To get the downloading start, press the button. Hence the download will start in several seconds.
  3. After the downloading, open up the file manager on your device and look for the download file. Open the download file and search for the file you download.
  4. Now press the install button to install the latest version on your device. Therefore it will take a while to install it.
  5. After installation, open up the file and make a google account on it. Now your app is all done for use. Enjoy!


Question 1: Is Youtube Music Premium Apk gratis free?

Answer: Yes, this app is totally free to use. You just need to have access to internet connectivity to play the song. Therefore it doesn’t require any payment method.

Question 2: Can we play the music offline here?

Answer: Yes, the music you have downloaded already will be there on your device. Although it is for a specific time, you can listen to music offline.

Question 3: How much storage is required for this Youtube Music Premium?

Answer: Your device should have at least 380 MB of storage free. Hence the size is always less than the described one, but you should need some extra storage to get a better experience.

Final Verdict

Youtube Music Premium Apk reddit is now all set to bring a great revolution. This app is specifically designed for music purposes only and for every device including iOS. You can listen to the music and stream it as well. No more need to get browsing for video because all we are talking about is music here.

This app is competing with other music apps like SoundCloud or iTunes. But the most important thing about this is that its primary source is Youtube itself. This app imports all the music files from youtube and plays them for you.

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