Zombie Catchers Mod Apk Download [Unlimited Plutonium/Money]

What do you think about catching some zombies and turning them into delicious juices and other confectioneries? If yes, download the new epic game Zombie Catchers Mod Apk now. Hurry up to get your file now and enjoy the unlimited fun of the zombie apocalypse.

The world is now not a safer place to live. Zombies are all over the world, and everywhere you go. Yeah, stay calm; it is just a game. So why are you waiting? Download the best Action Category game and catch the zombies with exciting new weapons.

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Download Zombie Catchers Mod Apk Latest Version

You can now get the latest version of this game just for free. This game was introduced two years ago. Therefore until now, so many new versions have come and gone. Most of the websites are still providing you with the older versions.

Thus if you are looking for the latest version of this app, follow all the steps of download given below. Therefore get the latest and most advanced version of this app without any wasting of time. All-new maps and new weapons are waiting out there for you.

Zombie Catchers Mod Apk Unlimited Plutonium and Money Download

Now enjoy the unlimited plutonium and money from this apk file. There are so many items that you can purchase with this unlimited plutonium and money—no more need to waste your time from building your account progress from zero.

Therefore download from here and get everything ready. Pick up your weapon and go outside to catch the zombies. Build your business by selling zombie juice and delicious items to your customers and hence make the earth a place to live again. This mod also unlocked all levels in the game for free.


Deca Games are the developers and publishers for this game. From the name, we can guess that this game has some zombie theme inside it. But it is not like other thrilling zombie games. There are a lot of fun and epic moments inside the game. This game can keep you engaged for hours and hours. In this game, there are two brothers who want to rescue the earth from zombies and make the earth a safer place again.

These two brothers are sought-after scientists. Therefore they make their own weapon to catch the zombies. After that, they put all of these zombies in a juicer machine. Therefore the same color zombies are placed together to make juice. You can make different confectioners out of these zombies. Thus you can sell out these zombie juices to earn money and do your own business. Hence you can also take help from aliens to catch the zombies. You can also download this mod from Android 1, Apksdownload and Moddroid for free.


Exciting new features are added up to this game. Extra new items and exclusive purchases are now available. The features for this game are:

Unlocked Hunting Gadgets: This old version apk file is bringing you already unlocked hunting gadgets for totally free—no more need to purchase them from your money or wait for a long time to unlock them. Get everything ready for yourself.

Discovered Territories: There are a lot of territories that are not still discovered. Therefore, in this way, you can catch more zombies. Hence this mod has already discovered territories for you. So just download the game and start playing it.

No more ads: Normal users are facing a lot of problems in skipping ads, and most people are sick of this. Therefore we are providing you with a game where there are no ads to interrupt you.

Errors And Bugs Fixed: Now, get a game without any errors that can cause an interruption in your device. Hence all the bugs are not fixed, so make delicious food from zombies without any glitches.

Offline Game: You can now hunt down the zombies and trap them without having any internet connectivity. So play the game anywhere you want.

How to download and install Zombie Catchers Mod Apk

Now download Zombie Catchers Mod Apk in just a few and authentic steps. Start enjoying this game with new funny moments. Share your most exciting stories about this game with your friends. Therefore follow these steps to get the game on your device.

  1. Copy the URL that is given at the top of this article in the download section. Place it in the search engine of your browsers.
  2. Thus a new window will be opened up from where you can start downloading from any external source.
  3. Open the file manager of your phone and hit the download folder.
  4. Search for the game inside the download folder. There you will find the file for this game.
  5. Open the file and press the install button. You can restart your phone after installation. Open the game and press the start button to play the game. Your game is ready for you.


Question 1: Can we play this Zombie Catchers game without any internet connectivity?

Answer: Yes, this is actually an offline game, but you need some data connection for daily challenges. Therefore take a minute for them, and you can earn a lot of points from these daily missions.

Question 2: How many stages are there in Zombie Catchers Mod Apk?

Answer: There are almost 68 total stages of this game. Each stage is so exciting for you that it can engage you in the game without any boredom for hours.

Question 3: What is the size of the Zombie Catchers game?

Answer: The total storage size for this game is approx. 67mb. You must need some extra storage for the smooth running of the game.

Final Verdict

Zombie Catchers Mod Apk Download is the best funny zombie-playing game ever. The characters of this game are very funny. The way of making zombie juice, candies, and snacks is also very interesting.

If you have been through each and every single step of this article, you must know how to face any problem during downloading. There are millions of users for this game all over the world. If you like this article, rate us below and enjoy the game.

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